12.04.2021 17:19 International events will be held as part of World Quantum Day
28.09.2020 14:45 Medical masks improve with metal
24.08.2020 18:38 Statement of the President of ANAS, academician Ramiz Mehdiyev
28.07.2020 19:25 Statement by the President of ANAS, academician Ramiz Mehdiyev
28.07.2020 10:00 Experts believe that second wave of coronavirus is coming to Switzerland
22.07.2020 13:59 Another political-diplomatic victory of President Ilham Aliyev over Armenia
06.07.2020 13:59 The program “Axşam görüşləri” (“Evening Meetings”) to be dedicated to the creativity of People's Artist Amalia Panahova
29.06.2020 11:55 China launched the latest navigation satellite
23.06.2020 11:13 Academician Isa Habibbayli: “President Ilham Aliyev once again taught history lesson to Pashinyan”
27.05.2020 21:11 Postpandemic, or postamnesic period
08.05.2020 09:14 The life philosophy of the millennium reports and the realities of 2020
29.04.2020 14:43 Azerbaijani archaeologist speaks at a video conference held in Kazakhstan
23.04.2020 11:20 April 23 - World Book and Copyright Day
20.04.2020 15:38 “Horizon 2020” in a pandemic: research in the field of medical sciences” webinar to be held
04.02.2020 15:48 “Literary-historical essay “T. Mustafayi’s “Literary talk” published in a book form
20.12.2019 19:22 Presentation of LOLA audio-visual broadcasting system held at Baku Music Academy
03.07.2019 12:06 Second special division spoke about the army building in Azerbaijan
15.04.2019 09:06 Zəriflik simvolu