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Mammadov Tofig Sadig oglu
Place of Birth АR Nakhichevan, Ordubad, village Dirnis   
Date of Birth 10.02.1957 
Education Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction
Scientific degree Doctor of sciences in biology 
Title Professor
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Bio-ecological features valuable trees-bushes plants of the Mardakan arboretum and their value in greening of Absheron

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Scientific bases of bio-ecological features, agro- techniques and rational use the perspective trees-bushes plants in greening of Absheron

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Number of patents and certificates of authorship 7
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Main scientific achievements 1. At the first time by scientific methods studied floristic structure, regular position, stability to ecological factors and industrial value trees-bushes plants from 87 families, 230 sorts and 660 species dendrofloras of Absher, plants are grouped on evergreen, by deciduous, coniferous and height (2009)

2. In present period in Azerbaijan dendroflora are revealed gymnospermae of trees and shrubs plants growing in a natural and cultural condition from 8 families, 26 sorts and 129 species, published I volume of the book "Dendroflora of Azerbaijan», Baku: Science, 2011, 311p.

3. Carried out monitoring on natural and cultural flora of Azerbaijan, collected herbariums from 40 families, 89 sort, 295 species grouped in system APG III, has been given attributive keys and illustrative drawings. Prepared II volume of the book "Dendroflora of Azerbaijan» (2013).

4. Defined rare and being under the threat of disappearance trees-bushes plants from 42 families, 71genus , 198 species in Azerbaijan flora, these species are grouped in categories of danger(2013).

5. For study of biology science, uses by botanists, physiologists, specialists in agriculture at the first time published the book «Elucidational terms on anatomy and morphology of plants» (2014).

Names of scientific works 1. Introduction of some decorative grassy plants in conditions of Absheron. The Nikitsky Botanical Gardens. Materials of conference. Yalta, 2010.

2. Main principles of green devices in territory of Absheron. International collection of scientific articles, St.-Petersburg, 2010.

3. Аnатомcal structure of Crocus L.. Амеrican – Euroasian journal. Division of Agricultural and protection of environment. № 9 (4), 2010.

4. Studying the history of the flora of Azerbaijan and prospects. XVIII International botanical congress. Melbourne, Australia, 2011.

5. Role of Mardakan Arboretum in environmental protection of the Absheron Peninsula. VI Congress of Botanical Gardens. Chios, Iceland. 2012.

6. Dendrochronological research, growth and development of Pinus eldarica in Absheron (Azerbaijan). Journal of Botany, Oxford, 2012.

Membership with international and foreign scientific organizations

Member of Bulgarian magazine «Paleobotany»,, member of the expert council of Botanical Gardens by the CIS countries, member of the expert commissions of magazine of natural sciences of University Sitchi Iman of the city of Kahramanmarash in Turkey, member of the Expert Council of Botanical gardens by caucasus. Member of editorial council of magazine “Hortus Botanicus” by the CIS countries.

Member of «Associations of the American trees and bushes» and the World Society of Botanical Gardens.
Pedagogical activity The Baku State University, University of «Odlar Yurdu»
Other activities Expert in the selection of personnel in the Civil Service Commission under the

President of the Republic of Azerbaijan (from the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources. Chairman in State Examination Comission in University of «Odlar Yurdu»

Awarding and prizes It is awarded by certificate of honour of ANAS.
Place of work and its address Institute of Dendrology ANAS, city of Baku, Khazar region, Mardakan settle, S.Yesenin str.89
Position General director Institute of Dendrology
Office phone (+994 12) 4543012; (+994 12) 4541500
Mobil (+994 50) 2124603 
Home phone (+994 12) 4599300 
Fax (+994 12) 4540374