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Mamedov Garib Shamil oglu
Place of Birth Eniyоl village of Amasy district of the Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic
Date of Birth 06.01.1947
Education Geography-biology Faculty of the Azerbaijani Teacher  Institute named by V.I.Lenin
Scientific degree Doktor of biological sciences 
Title Professor
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03.00.27  (now  2511.01)


Agroecological characteristic and bonitiration of pasturable soils of the Western part of the Mill steppe
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03.00.16 (now  2426.01)


Eco­logical assessment of agricultural and wood soils of Azerbaijan
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Number of patents and certificates of authorship 30
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Basic scientific achievements

1. The soil cover of AzerbaijanRepublic has known and mapped based on relief plastica.

2. Correlation with the WRB system of Azerbaijan soil classification. 

3. Ecological fertility models of the soils of Azerbaijan have established.

4. Bioclimate potential (BCP) has used as a criterion in evaluation of a soils.

5. The soil cover structure (SCS) has investigated around the AzerbaijanRepublic.

6. Ecological evaluation of the Azerbaijan land cadastral districts has conducted.     

7. Quality valuation of the soils around AzerbaijanRepublic has conducted.

8. Ecological evaluation map, ecological value map and atlas of the soils of AzerbaijanRepublic have prepared. 

9. He determined ecological conceptions of soils and systematically know of them, a problems and solution ways. 

10. Ecoethic problems of a soils and its solution ways have indicated.

11. Ecological monitoring of the soils of Azerbaijan has conducted.

12. Management of the space information and the land administration.

13. He has prepared and published the “National Atlas of the AzerbaijanRepublic” as responsible secretary. 

14. He has prepared and published the “Ecological Atlas of the AzerbaijanRepublic”.  

15. He has prepared and published the “Land Atlas of the Azerbaijan Republic”.   
Names of scientific works

1. Agrarian policy of Heydar Aliyev in Azerbaijan (three languages). – Baku: Science, 2013. –p. 344.

2. Azerbaijan-ecotourism potential, Part I. – Baku: East-West, 2012. – p. 359. (M.Khalilov, E.Yusiphov, V.Karimov).

3. Azerbaijan-ecotourism potential, Part II. – Baku: East-West, 2012. – p. 419. (M.Khalilov, E.Yusiphov, V.Karimov).

4. Radiecological aspects of biogeosenozes. Baku: “Science”, 2016. – p. 252. (JalilAliyev, Mahmud Abdullayev).

5. Human ecology. Baku: “Oka ofset”, 2015, p. 736. (S.Mammadova, E.Huseynov, A.Hashimov).

6. Social ecology. Baku: “Radius”, 2015, p. 672. (S.Mammadova, E.Huseynov, A.Hashimov).

7. Social-economic and ecological bases of efficient using of soil resources of Azerbaijan. – Baku: “Science”, 2007. – p. 854.

8. Agroecology (Part I). – Baku: “Science”, 2010. –p. 551. – M.Khalilov, together with S.Mammadova.

9. Agroecology (Part II). – Baku: “Science”, 2011. – p. 447.

10. Ecoethical problems of Azerbaijan: scientific, juridical, moral aspects. – Baku: “Science”, 2004. – p. 380.

11. The State land cadastre of the Azerbaijan Republic: juridical, scientific and practical measures. – Baku: “Science”, 2003. – p. 447.

12. Soil erosion and protection. – Baku: “Science”, 2009. – p. 343. – S.Z.Mammadova, together with C.A.Shabanov.

13. The fundamentals of Soil Science and Soil geography. – Baku, 2007. – p. 664. [3]

14. Heydar Aliyev land reforms are the base of social-economic development of regions. – Baku, 2008. – p. 232.

15. The fundamentals of Land-surveying and land using. – Baku: “Science”, 2012. – p. 300. (T.Nizamzade, A.Jafarov).

16. Soils valuation. – Baku: “Science”, 1997, – p. 174.

17. The land reform in Azerbaijan: juridical and scientific-ecological measures. –Baku, Science, 2002. – p. 412.

18. G.Sh. Mammadov, L.R. Karimova. Ecological evaluation of the soils of river basin in Azerbaijan. - Lambert Academic Publishing, 2016. – p. 182.

19. Agroecological features and valuation of the soils of Azerbaijan. – Baku: “Science”, 1990. – p. 172.

20. Ecoland-reclamation evaluation of saline soils. – Baku: “MBM printing-house”, 2005. – p. 180. – A.J.Hashimov, together with Kh.F.Jafarov.

Membership with international and foreign scientific organizations

1. He has selected life member of the Society at the XVI congress of World Soil Science Society, which held in France in 1998 year.           

2. He has appointed co-chair of the Federation of Eurasia Soil Scientists Societies in 2011 year.     

3. He has selected honorary member of the Moldavian Soil Scientists Societies in 2012 year.       

4. He has selected the one member of 11 members of Executor Council of the Regional Committee of UNO under Management of Geospace Information for Asian and the Pacific Ocean in 2012 year.  

Pedagogical activity Chief of the department of Soil Science of the Biology faculty (Ecology and Soil Science faculty since 2010) of Baku State University since 2005. 
Other activities

1. He has selected deputy of Azerbaijan Republic National Assembly I inivation in 1996 year.

2. He has appointed chairman of the State Land Committee under the President of Azerbaijan Republic, National leader Heydar Aliyev’s Order (№627) on July 25, 1997.

3. He has appointed chairman of Azerbaijan Republic State Committee for Land and Cartography under the President of Azerbaijan Republic, National leader Heydar Aliyev’s Decree (№461) in 2001 year.

4. He has appointed member of the National Encyclopaedia Council by the President of Azerbaijan Republic since 2004.

5. He has appointed member of the Council of Organizing and Connection of the Republic Scientific Researches (COCRSR) and chairman of the Problem Council according to the ecology science of COCRSR since 2010.

6. He has appointed responsible secretary of the State Commission according to preparing the “National Atlas of Azerbaijan” under the President of Azerbaijan Republic Ilham Aliyev’s Order in 2011 year.

Awards and prizes  
Main place of work and its address Institute of Soil Science and Agrochemistry of ANAS, AZ1073, 5 M.Rahim str., Baku, Azerbaijan
Position Director
Office phone (+994 12) 4976941
Fax (+994 12) 4976941