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Yusifzadeh Khoshbakht Bakhi oglu
Place of Birth Azerbaijan Republic, Baku city    
Date of Birth 14.01.1930
Education Azerbaijan Industrial Institute (current Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University) 
Scientific degree Doctor of geological-mineralogical sciences 
Title Academician, professor 
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Geology and exploration of oil and gas fields

The Exploration of oil wells and reservoirs and issues of the efficient development and operation of oil bearing structures of the Southwest flanks of Oil Rocks
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Geology and exploration of oil and gas fields

Principles and methods of conducting rapid prospecting and exploration at offshore oil and gas fields 
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April 2007

Geology and exploration of oil and gas fields
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Certificates of authorship and number of patents 5 certificates of authorship and 3 patents  
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Main scientific achievements - Scientifically based forecasts of oil and gas resources in the Caspian Sea were made, comprehensive projects for exploration work were prepared and executed, under his editorship several maps and atlases of the oil and gas bearing potential of Azerbaijan were published - “Azerbaijan’s oil and gas fields and prospective structures” (scale: 1:500 000, 1985) map, “Geological Map of Azerbaijan” (offshore and onshore; scale: 1:500 000, in Azerbaijanian, Russian and English, 2007);

- Accelerated exploration techniques and methods in offshore oil and gas fields, the scientific basis for the three strata method (“Fasila”, “NK” and “Gala” formations) of exploration of the Productive Strata (PS) deposits in the Azerbaijan sector of the Caspian Sea and in prospective structures with big stratigraphic range and in oil and gas in big depth have been prepared and applied;

- As a result of the application of several new styles and advanced methods by the leadership and direct participation of Kh.B.Yusifzade, more than 20 oil and gas condensate fields were discovered in the Caspian Sea. He had an indispensible role in the discovery of “Bahar”, “Sangachal Deniz – Duvvany Deniz - Khara Zira Island”, “Khara-Zire Deniz”, “Kapaz”, “Ashrafi”, “Karabakh” in Azerbaijan, the world famous “Guneshli”, “Chiraq”, “Azeri”, the giant “Shah Deniz”, the large “Absheron” including “Umid” which was tapped by SOCAR’s own capability in 2010, Inchkhe Sea in the Russian sector, Rakushechnaya and Skalistaya in the Kazakhstan sector and the LAM (now Dzheitune), Livanov (now Mahtumgulu), Pre-Cheleken Dome (Cheleken-gummez), Barinov (now Diyarbakir) and Gubkin Bank (now Garagol Deniz) in the Turkmenian sector;

- Considering the great importance of discovering a field with the first well during offshore exploration, Kh.B.Yusifzade prepared the principles of choosing a location for the first well in prospective structures in Azerbaijan’s sector (some distance from the crest) and this principle was used in the development of the Guneshli, Azeri and Chiraq fields (they were discovered with the first well);

- With regard to the operating life of hydrotechnical field facilities, under the leadership and with the participation of Kh.B.Yusifzade, in oil and gas fields discovered in the Azerbaijan sector of the Caspian by taking the reference horizon of each layer as the reference horizon for development of the field, a method was developed to combine exploration and production testing phases. Thus the exploration of oil and gas beds was carried out with production predrilling and fields were prepared for development and commissioning within a short time;

- With a group of scientists (M.T.Abbasov, F.H.Orujaliyev, etc) he prepared a theoretical and practical basis for the evaluation of offshore gas-condensate fields and the development of such fields. In 1982 this valuable work earned an Azerbaijan State Award.

- He made a worthy contributin in establishment and application of scientific and technical principles ensuring rapid discovery and development of large oil and gas fields in the deep water Caspian Sea. For this great work with a group of scientists he was awarder state reward of Azerbaijan SSR for the second time.

- Under his direct leadership in order to define the geological and physical development parameters of the main oil and gas fields in the South basin of the Caspian Sea the development conditions of oil and gas condensate fields were systematically studied and analyzed. Depending on the parameters of the fields, in order to maintain reservoir pressure issues related to the selection of different water flooding systems and their application to specific fields were dealt with, and as a result amongst the first in world practice the oil recovery factor at Oil Rocks was 0.5 and in some areas of the field 0.8.

- Under the leadership and with the direct participation of Kh.B.Yusifzade geological and geophysical and scientific research works were carried out, and a program of geological exploration work and development projects were prepared for contract areas jointly with foreign companies.

- As a function of the complexity level of the tectonic structural patterns of prospective structures in the exploration of Caspian oil and gas-condensate fields empirical formulas were given to determine the number of exploration wells.

- The methods applied by foreign oil companies for the exploration of the Azeri-Chiraq-Guneshli and Shah Deniz oil and gas-condensate fields coincide with those methods developed by Kh.B.Yusifzadeh previously for oil and gas fields in the Caspian Sea which had been applied for many years. The main difference between these methods was that the first were based on commercial factors, however this difference has been eliminated as a result of the increase of the price of oil and gas on the world market. According to Kh.B.Yusifzadeh, the first issue is to discover the field and only after this to calculate its commercial factor.

- Based on geological and production indices in the development of offshore fields, in order to both theoretically and practically justify increasing the density of well spacing, back in the Soviet era with a group of research scholars he proved the idea of optimizing the distance between production wells and increasing well location density in development fields.

Names of scientific works 1. Survey of oil wells and formations and questions on rational development and operation of oil content targets at south-west flank of Oil Rocks, Dissertation Abstract, Baku

2. Geology and development of offshore gas-condensate of “South” field, Publishing house “Elm” Academy of Science of Azerbaijan SSR

3. Development and exploration of offshore oil and gas fields, Azerbaijan State publishing house. Baku

4. Construction and gas content of sedimentation mass of the Caspian Sea, Survey Information, series of “Geology and Exploration of offshore oil and gas”, All-Union Electric Power Research Institute Gazprom, issue 4, Moscow

5. Atlas of oil and gas content prospective structures of Azerbaijan, All-Russian Institute of Geological Research, Leningrad

6. Atlas of oil and gas content prospective structures of the Caspian Sea, Leningrad mapmaking factory

7. Oil and gas fields of the Southern Caspian oil gas content province, 1st volume of two-volume referential book “Oil and gas fields of USSR”, “Nedra” publishing, Moscow

8. Caspian Sea. Geology and oil and gas. USSR Academy of Science, State Committee for Science and Technology, etc. Moscow

9. Geological structure and conditions for formation of Mesozoic sediments in South Caspian cavity. survey information, series of “Oil and gas producing industry”, AzNIITI, Baku

10. Fragments of the development of offshore oil and gas fields, International Eastern Oil Academy, publishing “Elm”, Baku

11. Azerbaijan oil and gas industry on the eve of the XXI century

12. Scientific basis of the development of nanotechnology and application of nanotechnology to oil industry, Nanoscience and nanotechnology Encyclopedia of the system for life support, Published by UNESCO

13. New technologies of oil and gas fields development of the Azerbaijan sector of the Caspian Sea, Azerbaijan Oil Industry

14. Results of deep prospecting exploration in the Caspian Sea, New technologies in oil production, II international scientific-practical conference, Baku

15. Application of modern technologies in exploration and development of oil and gas fields, Azerbaijan Oil Industry

16. Nanotechnologies in drilling of oil and gas wells, Baku

17. Current state of Azerbaijan’s oil and gas industry and its future prospects, AOI, №1, 2016

Membership with international and foreign scientific organizations: 1. Academician to the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences.

2. Member of Higher Attestation Commission Presidium under the President of the Azerbaijan Republic.

3. Academician of the International Academy of Sciences for Research into the Turkic World.

4. Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Georgia.

5. International Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences

6. Honorary Academician of the Russian International Engineers Academy.

7. Member of the Azerbaijan National Committee of Geophysicists

8. Member of the Azerbaijan Society of Petroleum Geologists

9. Member of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists

10. Member of the European Association of Geologists and Engineers

11. Chairman of the Board of Directors of "SOCAR’s Scientific Foundation" established by SOCAR and the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan

12. Chairman of the Board of Directors of "SOCAR’s Foundation for National Progress" established by SOCAR and the National Aviation Academy

13. Member of the Editorial Board of the “Azerbaijan Oil Industry” journal

14. Member of the Editorial Board of the “Geophysics News in Azerbaijan” journal

15. Member of the Editorial Board of Azerbaijan National Encyclopaedia

Pedagogical activities  
Other activities Member of the Council of Elders 
Awarding and prizes 1. “Red Banner of Labour” order (1963),

2. The “Badge of Honour” order (1971),

3. “Red Banner of Labour” order (1976)

4. “Istiglal” order (2000)

5. “Shokhrat” order (2004)

6. “Sharaf” order (2010)

7. Honorary Diploma of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan (2015)

8. “Friendship” order of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam (2011)

9. “Duty and honor” order of the International Award Union of the UN Council on Public Awards (Russia, Moscow, 2013)

10. State reward of the Azerbaijan SSR (1982)

11. State reward of the Azerbaijan SSR (1991)

12. Certificate of Honor of the Presidium of Supreme Soviet of Azerbaijan SSR (1960)

13. “Honorary Engineer of the Azerbaijan SSR” (1964)

14. “Honorary Engineer of the Azerbaijan Republic” (2006)

15. Title of “Honorary Oilman of the USSR” (1970)

16. “Honorary Explorer of the Underground Resources” (1985)

17. “Honorary Scientist of the Turkic World” (International Academy of Sciences for the Research into Turkic World, 2011)

18. “Gold Star” medal of the International Academy of Sciences for the Research into Turkic World (Turkey, 2008)

19. “Silver medal name after Academician Azad Mirzajanzade” of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences

20. 3 medals of the former USSR

21. Jubilee medals of the State Border Service and the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Azerbaijan Republic (2013, 2015)

22. “Heydar Aliyev” order (2020)

Place of work and its address SOCAR - State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic, 73 Neftchilar ave., Baku
Position First vice-president of SOCAR
Office phone (+994 12) 4928890 
Mobil (+994 50) 7140550 
Home phone (+994 12) 5415580 
Fax (+994 12) 4988305