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Babayev Sardar Sattar oglu
Place of birth Azerbaijan, Sheki 
Date of birth 03.11.1945 
Education Azerbaijan State University 
Scientific degree Doctor of Philosophy in Physics
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Physics of semiconductors and dielectrics

Peculiarities of lattice vibrations in A3B6 type layered semiconductors  
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Basic scientific achievements The peculiarities of optical and dielectric properties of A3B6and A3B3C62crystals at low temperatures and high hydrostatic pressures have been revealed.

The nature of nonconventional manifestation of thermal memory effects of an incommensurate phase in crystals with TlGaSe2 type structure has been revealed. The possibility of management of many physical properties of these crystals in the temperature region of the existence of an incommensurate phase has been shown.

Names of scientific works 1. Raman scattering from GaSe1-xTex.Solid State Commun. 1980, v.34, №2, pp. 125-128

2. Memoryu effect in Ferroelectric-Semiconductor with Incommensurate Phase TlGaSe2. Solid State Commun. 2003, v.128, №2, pp. 25-28

3. The Effect of Impurities on the Phase Transitions in the Ferroelectric-Semiconductors TlInS2 and TlGaSe2.J.Phys.Cond. Matt., 2005, v.17, pp.1985-1993

4. Нетрадиционные эффекты термической памяти несоизмеримой фазы в сегнетоэлектриках полупроводниках TlInS2. ФТТ, 2009, т.51, с. 533-542

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Main place of work and its address Institute of Physics of ANAS, G.Javid ave. 131, AZ1143,  Baku
Position Senior Staff Scientist 
Office phone (+994 12) 4329710 
Mobile (+994 51) 8723091 
Home phone (+994 12) 3763150 
Fax (+994 12) 4470456