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Askerov Hasan Mamed oglu
Place of birth Azerbaijan, Baku 
Date of birth 09.12.1949 
Education Azerbaijan Institute of Oil and Chemistry  (Azerbaijan Oil Academy) 
Scientific degree PhD in physics  
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Molecular physics 

Spectroscopy of double RF – MW resonancesof qauche – etanol molecule 
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Number of patents and certificates of authorship 13 
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Basic scientific achievements There has been suqqested a basically new methodof determination of dipole moments of asymmetric top molecules by M – componentdisplacement value of binary lines of double RF – MW resonance siqnals. It is the method of small modulation depth. Practical recommendations on production of optimal resolution of double resonance siqnal binary lines M – component for nine various three stage systems have been obtained. At small modulation depth by the siqnals of double resonances the dipole moments of gauche – conformers of ethanol and isopropanol molecules are determined. 
Names of scientific works 1. Spectrometer with electric molecular modulation Ch.O.Qajar, S.A.Musaev,E.Y.Salayev, Q.M.Askerov(Transactions of AzerbaijanAcademy of Sciences)  № 1, 1979.  

2. Determination of dipole moments of asymmetric top molecules on RF – MW double resonancessiqnals  Q.M.Askerov, Ch.O.Qajar, S.A.Musaev, E.Y.Salaev. (Reports of AzerbaijanAcademy of Sciences)  Vol. 39, № 11, 1983.  

3. Line shape in double resonance modulated  microwave spectroscopy Q.M.Askerov, Ch.O.Qajar, S.A.Musaev, E.Y.Salaev   (Reports of AzerbaijanAcademy of Sciences)   Vol.39, № 12, 1983   

4. RF – MW double resonances and forbidden  transitions in rotational spectrum of qauche – etanol Q.M.Askerov, Ch.O.Qajar, S.A.Musaev, E.Y.Salaev (Institute of Physics of AzerbaijanAcademy of Sciences. Preprint № 108, 1984). 

5. Dielectric Properties of non – associated liquids in low – frequency  reqion Ch.O.Kadjar, O.A.Aliyev, S.T.Azizov, K.E.Zulfuqarzade,Q.M.Askerov, A.J.Khalilov (Q.M.Abdullaev Institute of Physics of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences  Azerbaijan Journal of Physics  “Fizika”)  Vol. XV , № 1, 2009, (pp. 79 – 80) 

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Other activities Member of Municipality of Sabail region of Baku   
Awards and prizes Awards by President of Azerbaijan Republic by “Taraqqi” medal   (October 18, 2011 year 
Main place of work and its address Institute of Physics of ANAS, G.Javid ave. 131, AZ1143, Baku
Position Chief of Department  
Office phone (+994 12) 5392708, (+994 12) 5391067  
Mobile (+994 50) 3908400 
Home phone (+994 12) 4938192, (+994 12) 4929184