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Bayramova Yegana Oktay gizi
Place of birth Republic of Azerbaijan, region of Terter 
Date of birth 10.06.1963 
Education Azerbaijan State University
Scientific degree PhD of biological sciences
Title Associate Professor
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Human and animal physiology

The role of the amygdale monoamins in contigent reinforcement and launchers reflexes.
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Basic scientific achievements At a result investigations of  brain using  modern computer EEG way on long-livers living in different regions of  Azerbaijan was detected activity of  the central  nervous system, as well as along with factors such as  lifestyle, ecology factors, geographical location, the most significant was the adaptive – compensatory particular organism.
Names of scientific works 1. Monoaminergic control by amygdalar nuclei of the reinforcing action of conditional stimuli. Amer. Jour. Neurosci. Behav.Physiol, 1995, vol. 25, N2,. –P.158-163.

2. Исследование ЭЭГ-активности головного мозга у долгожителей проживающих в разных экологических условиях.Cборник матер. Российской научно-практической конференции с международным участием, Ростов-на-Дону, 1-3 ноября 2011 года, с.30-32

3.Влияние экстракта солодкового корня  на биоэлэктрическую активность мозга старых кроликов при электромагнитном излучении. Матер. Ⅱ Международ.научной конфер., г.Астрахан, 2-3 ноября 2011 года,с.119-120

Membership with international and foreign scientific organizations Member of  Are Society of Physiologists ofAzerbaijan
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Other activities Scientist secretary Dissertation council D01.051
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Main place of work and its address Institute of Physiology n.a. A.I.Qaraev, Azerbaijan NAS Baku AZ1100, Sharifzade str., 2 
Position Leading scientific worker
Office phone (+994 12) 4323935
Mobile (+994 50) 5915198
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