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Isakov Elkhan Urshan oglu
Place of birth Mahmudavar v., Masalli r-n, Azerbaijan Republic
Date of birth 18.11.1958
Education Baku State University 
Scientific degree PhD in chemistry 
Title Associate professor
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Copolymers of decylmethacrylate with di-cyclopentadiene and styrene as viscosity additives to lubricating oils

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Number of patents and certificates of authorship 27
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Basic scientific achievements Various polymer additives (viscosity additives, multifunctional polymer additives) based on vinyl monomers have been obtained;

Viscosity additives, raw material for multifunctional additive synthesis, synthetic additions, synthetic hydrocarbon oils and etc. have been obtained by involving allyl monomers and principles of their purposeful synthesis have been developed;

There has been realized “Oligomeriation by the participation of Heksen-1 phenol” project with grant support from Science Development Fund under the President of Azerbaijan Republic (EİF-2012-2(6)-39/25/4-M-32).

It was carried out a research project on "Getting high-index base oils" with the support of SOCAR Science Foundation (grant number 19).

Names of scientific works 1. Ахмедов А.И., Гамидова Д.Ш., Исаков Э.У., Гасанова Э.И. Алкилфенолятная присадка на основе олигогексенилфенола. Журнал прикладной химии, т.87, вып.9, 2014, с.1378--1380.

2. Гамидова Д.Ш., Исаков Э.У., Гасанова Э.И., Мусаева М.Э. Синтез беззольной алкилфенолятной присадки аминометилированием олигогексенилфенола. II Международная научно-практическая конф. «Актуальные вопросы естественных и математических наук в современных условиях развития страны». Сбор. Науч. трудов по итогам конф., г. С.-Петербург, 2015, с.36-38.

3. Musaeva M.A., Hamidova J.Sh. E.U.Isakov, E.I.Hasanova. Copolymer allylnaphthenate-styrene as the viscosity additive for petroleum oil. European Journal of Analytical and Applied Chemistry, Austria, Vienna, № 2, 2015, p. 28-30.

4. Мусаева М.Э., Гамидова Д.Ш., Исаков Э.У., Гасанова Э.И. Вязкостно-температурные свойства нефтяных масел, загущенных сополимерами аллилнафтенатов со стиролом. Журнал «Проблемы современной науки и образования/Problems of Modern Science and Education», № 2(44), 2016, с. 64-68.

5. E.U.Isakov, Hamidova J.Sh, E.I.Hasanova. Investigation oligomers of hexene-1 with the aromatic fragment as synthetic components to petroleum oils. International scientific journal «Theoretical & Applied Science», № 06(38) 2016, pp. 26-30.

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Main place of work and its address Acad.A.M.Guliyev Institute of Chemistry of Additives of ANAS, Block 2062, Boyukshor Highway, Baku, Azerbaijan Republic, AZ1029
Position Head of Laboratory of Polymeric Compounds with Different Functions
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