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Mirzayeva Mziya Ali gizi
Place of birth Tbilisi city, Republic of Georgia
Date of birth 14.11.1945
Education Azerbaijan State Oil Academy
Scientific degree PhD in chemistry
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Synthesis and investigation of some derivatives of esters of mercaptoacetic acid as additives to lubricating oils 
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Number of patents and certificates of authorship 10
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Basic scientific achievements 1. To get the ashless additives to lubricating oils, there have been studied reactions of mercaptoacetic acid esters with a number of compounds containing halogen, nitrogen, phosphorus atoms, as well as unsaturated bonds. The relationship between structure and composition of compounds and their anti-corrosive properties has been defined. There  has been established influence of the position of ester  group  concerning sulfur atom in sulfides on their anticorrosive efficiency;

2. Among synthesized compounds there have been found compounds having anti-corrosive, as well antioxidant and anti-wear properties;

3. As a result of conducted research there has been developed and recommended for application  highly effective ashless multifunctional additive ИХП-401
Names of scientific works 1. Е.Н.Гурьянова, М.А.Мирзоева, И.П.Ромм, К.З.Гусейнов, Ф.А.Мамедов. Дипольные моменты и электродонорные свойства некоторых производных эфиров меркаптокарбоновых кислот. ЖОХ, 48, вып.1 (СХ), с.114-119, 1978.

2. М.А.Мирзоева, Ф.А.Мамедов, Э.А.Агаева, К.З.Гусейнов S-замещенные эфиры  меркаптоуксусной кислоты как противокоррозионные присадки к смазочным маслам. «Нефтехимия», М., «Наука»,  №6, т.ХХVIII, 1988, с.

3. G.Z.Huseynov, M.A.Mirzoeva, P.A.Aliyev Development of Phisicochemical bases for the synthesis of sulphurorganic compounds with high anticorrosive activity. ВНИИПИГАЗ, Междун. Конф., 1997, Baku,  Proceding of the fourth Baku Intenational congess on energy, ecology, economy, p.494-49.

4. Ф.А.Мамедов, Ф.Н.Мамедов, М.А.Мирзоева. Синтез некоторых эфиров тиофосфиновой кислоты и исследование их термической стабильности. Аз.хим.ж. №5, 1981, с.33-37

5. М.А.Мирзоева, Т.Д. Джафарова, Ф.А. Мамедов и др. Синтез и исследование аминометильных производных 2-гидрокси-3-метилтио-5-трет.бутилтиофенола. “Проблемы химии”, Баку, 2009, №3, с. 503-507

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Awards and prizes Medal "Veteran of Labor"
Main place of work and its address Acad.A.M.Guliyev Institute of Chemistry of Additives of ANAS, Block 2062, Boyukshor Highway, Baku, Azerbaijan Republic, AZ1029
Position Leading researcher
Office phone (+994 12) 5149874
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