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Rzayeva Irada Ali gizi
Place of birth Baku city, Azerbaijan Republic  
Date of birth 10.12.1956
Education Baku State University
Scientific degree PhD in chemistry 
Title Associate professor
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Sulfur and nitrogen containing poly functional inhibitors of hydrocarbon oxidation
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Number of patents and certificates of authorship 7
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Basic scientific achievements 1. The various arylamine substituted thiethanes, N-substituted thiocarbamides have been synthesized and their antioxidant properties in model reactions have been studied: a) the new organic compound 1-(3`-thiethanil)-3-benzilthiocarbamide as oil products antioxidants; b)the complex of 1-(3`-thiethanil)-3-benzilthiocarbamide  with  cumene hydroperoxide as inhibitor of  hydrocarbon oxidation;

2. Inhibiting properties of various derivatrives of aminthiols and their metal salts in model reactions have been studied;

3. The anti oxidative properties of poly functional  sulfur containing compounds have been studied and correlation between structure and inhibiting properties has been established;

4. The project “Developing scientific-practical grounds of obtaining high-performance antioxidants improving the quality of lubricating materials” has been developed with grant support from  SOCAR(EF-2013).
Names of scientific works 1. Р.Ю.Ахмедов, В.М.Фарзалиев, М.А.Аллахвердиев, И.А.Рзаева. Синтез и исследование антиокислительной активности некоторых 3-тиетанилзамещенных тиокарбамидов. Нефтехимия. 2009, т.49, №5, с.448-452.

2. М.А.Аллахвердиев, Н.М.Гарибов, И.А.Рзаева и др. Циклические тиокарбамиды в качестве ингибиторов окисления кумола. Естественные и технические науки, 2009, № 6, с.72-79.

3. М.А.Аллахвердиев, В.М.Фарзалиев, И.А.Рзаева и др. Антиокислительные свойства 5-этоксикарбонил замещенных 3,4-дигидропиримидин-2(1Н)-ОН(тион)ов и их производных. ЖПХ. 2010. т.83, №2, с.294-298.

4. А.М.Маharramov, А.R.Аskarova, I.А.Rzayeva and others. 3,5-Di-tret-butil-4-hydroxybenzaldehyde derivatives as antioxidants in cumene oxidation.Russian Journal of Applied Chemistry 2012,vol.85, 4, pp. (315-319), 2012.

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Main place of work and its address Acad.A.M.Guliyev Institute of Chemistry of Additives of ANAS, Block 2062, Boyukshor Highway, Baku, Azerbaijan Republic, AZ1029
Position Leading researcher
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