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Safarova Mehpara Rasul gizi
Place of birth Gakh r-n, Azerbaijan Republic  Mehparə Səfərova.jpg
Date of birth 29.02.1952
Education Baku State University
Scientific degree PhD in chemistry
Title Main researcher
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Synthesis of some esters of dithiophosphоric, xanthic and dithiocarbamic acids and research of them as additives to lubricating oils
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Number of patents and certificates of authorship 44
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Basic scientific achievements 1. There have been synthesized a number of  high-performance anti-scuffing and anti-wear additives to lubricating oils and made a contribution into developing scientific grounds of creation of high-performance additives;

2. In order to define the mutual correlation between chemical structure and lubricating properties, a number of xanthic, dithiocarbamic and trithiocarbonic acids differing by nature of functional groups and location in molecule have been synthesized;

3. There have been organized 5 test methods of protective additives according to ГОСТ 9.054-75 at the laboratory;

4. As a scientific secretary she participates in setting-up of programs on the current and perspective scientific-research work, writing and setting-up of the interim and final scientific reports;

5. She hardly works in preparation of the skilled scientific brainpower through doctor dissertation, attestation of researchers, organization and realization of scientific seminars at the institute;

6. The project “Creation of the ship gasoturbine oil using in stationary electric power stations and ship on the basis of the local raw material and new additive composition”  has been realized with  grant support of Science Development Foundation under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan (EİF-2010-1(1)-40/35-M-4).
Names of scientific works 1. Кулиев А.М., Гасанзаде Г.Р. Кулиева М.А., Сафарова М.Р, Заскалько П.П., Абдуллаев Б.И., Гинзбургская И.Л., Фарзалиева С.М., Расулова Ф.А. Противоизносная и противозадирная присадка к смазочным маслам Авт.свид. СССР № 835163, 1979

2. А.М.Кулиев, М.А.Кулиева, Сафарова М.Р, Ш.М.Шыхалиев. Синтез и исследование некоторых эфиров 0,0-диизопропилдитиофосфорной кислоты в качестве противоизносных присадок к смазочным маслам. Журнал прикладной химии № 11, 1984, с 2564-2568.

3. Kuliyeva M.A., Mustafayev K.N., Kulibekova T.N., Kakhramanova.G.A., Safarova M.R., Novotorzhina N.N. Syntesis of Acyloxyalkyl Esters of Thiocarbonic and Dithiocarbamic Acids Russian Journal of Organic Chemistry, 2013, Vol. 49, №2, pp.198-203

4. Musayeva B.İ., Səfərova M.R., Qəhrəmanova Q.A., Novotorjina N.N.Transmissiya yağı Az.patent i2016 0020

5. Мусаева Б.И., М.Р.Сафарова, Кахраманова Г.А., Новоторжина Н.Н., Кулибекова Т.Н., Мустафаева Е.С. Исследование противоизносных свойств эфиров дитиофосфорной, ксантогеновой и тритиоугольной кислот Журнал Нефтепереработка и нефтехимия, 2015, № 7, стр. 38-39

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Awards and prizes Honorary Diploma of ANAS (2012)
Main place of work and its address Acad.A.M.Guliyev Institute of Chemistry of Additives of ANAS, Block 2062, Boyukshor Highway, Baku, Azerbaijan Republic, AZ1029
Position Scientific secretary
Office phone (+994 12) 5149874
Mobile (+994 50) 4093722
Home phone (+994 12) 3791484
Fax (+994 12) 5149612