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Kazimov Tofig Hasanaga oglu
Place of birth Baku 
Date of birth 22.01.51 
Education Azerbaijan State University, Applied mathematics faculty
Scientific degree Doctor of Philosophy in Physics and Mathematics
Title Doсent 
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Applied Mathematics

Initial solution difference methods of bounded problems for mixed type equations

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Basic scientific achievements  
Names of scientific works 1. Kazimov , T.H. About a Method of Calculation of Importance Degree of Geometrical Characteristics to Identify a Human Face on the Basis of Photo Portraits / Mahmudova S.J.// Computer Science and Engineering. - 2012. - N: 2 (5). - p. 58-62.

2. Kazimov , T.H. Research normal distribution, the trust interval and calculation of importance degree of geometrical characteristics a human face on the basis of photo portraits / Mahmudova S.J. // Proceedings of the 2013 International Conference on Bioinformatics & Computational Biology, Las Veqas, Nevada, USA, 2013. - p. 478-486.

3. Kazımov T.H. “Estimation of the impact of geometrical characteristics on the recognition to identify a human face on the basis of photo portraits” / Mahmudova, Sh. J. // “Journal of Control Engineering and Technology (JCET) ”, Hong Kong,2013, V.3,No. 3. P. 116-120

4. Kazımov T.H. Estimation of the Impact of Geometrical Characteristics on the Recognition to Identify a Human Face on the Basis of Photo Portraits / Mahmudova, S.J. // IV International Conference “Problems of Cybernetics and Informatics Volume 1. - B., 2012. - p. 246-248.

5. Kazımov T.H. “About A Method of Calculation of Importance Degree of Geometrical Characteristics to Identify a Human Face On The Basis Of Photo Portraits” // Mahmudova, S.J. // The 7 th IAPR International Conference on Pattern Recognition in Bioinformatics, Tokyo, Japan, November 8-10, 2012.

6. Кязимов Т.Г.Об информационной идентификационной системе распознавания лиц по фотопортретам / Махмудова Ш.Д. // Optoelectronic information-power technologies, VInnitsya - 2009. - N: 1(17). - с. 86-89.

7. Кязимов Т.Г.Система компьютерного распознавания людей по фотопортретам / Махмудова, Ш.Д. //Информационные технологии. г. Москва. - 2009. - N: 1. - с. 13-16

8. Kazimov , T.H. Giving an approach for selecting active nodes in Wireless sensor networks by using genetic algorithms /  Sharefibonab M.M.// Телекоммуникации. - 2009. - N: 11. - p. 11-14.

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Awards and prizes The certificate of honour of ANAS (12 December 2005) 
Main place of work and its address Institute of Information Technologies of ANAS, AZ1141, Azerbaijan Republic, Baku s., B.Vahabzade str., 9 A
Position Chief research officer
Office phone (+994 12) 5399016 
Mobile (+994 55) 7846463 
Home phone (+994 12) 5334567