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Gasymov Telman Benser oglu
Place of birth Azerbaijan Republic, Khankendi district 
Date of birth 28.10.1959      
Education Baku State University 
Scientific degree Doctor of Philosophy in Physics and Mathematics
Title docent 

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Math. analysis

Boundary value problems for discontinuous quasi-differential operators
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Basic scientific achievements The concept of the regularity of the boundary conditions for discontinuous differential operators  is introduced  and the theorems  on a basicity  of the system of eigenfunctions and associated functions of a regular boundary value problems are proved; the results are obtained from the description of areas of fractional powers of discontinuous differential operators; for the study of basis properties of spectral problems containing the spectral parameter in the boundary conditions, in the spaces Lp + Cm and Lp abstract theorems are proved and  their application are given; a new method for obtaining  the bases in the direct sum of Banach spaces is introduced and their applications are given.
Names of scientific works

1. Kasumov T.B., Bilalov B.T.On basicity of a part of a systems with infinite defect. Trans. of   NAS of Azerb. 2007,vol. XXVII, №7, pp. 53-58.

2. Kasumov T.B., Garayev T.Z.On necessary and sufficient conditions for obtaining the bases of banach spaces. Proc.of IMM of NAS of Azerb.2007. vol XXVI(XXXIV)pp. 93-98.

3. Гасымов Т.Б., Гасымов М.Г.Свойства собственных значений и собственных функций одной краевой задачи. Докл.НАН.Азерб.,2008. т.6, №1,стр.3-8

4. Kasumov T.B., Huseynli A.A. The basis properties of eigenfunctions of a discontinuous differential operator with a spectral parameter in boundary condition. Proceed. of IMM of NAS of Azerb. vol. XXXV(XLIII), 2011

5. Гасымов Т.Б.,  Гусейнли А.А. О полноте собственных и присоединенных функций одного разрывного дифференциального оператора второго порядка. Доклады НАНА, LXIII, 2012, №1, с.3-7.

 6.Bilalov B.T., Kasumov T.B. On Kostyuchenko Problem,  Proceedings of the Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics, NationalAcademy of Sciences of Azerbaijan, Volume 40, Special Issue, 2014, Pages 1-22

7.  Bilalov B.T., Kasumov T.B.  On bases in Banach spaces, The Reports of National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan, vol. LXXI, №2, 2015, pp. 6-9

8. Bilalov B.T., Kasumov T.B., Guliyeva F.A. Some Questions of Atomic Decompositions and Frames, Caspian Journal of Applied Mathematics, Ecology and Economics V. 3, No 2, 2015, December, pp. 17-50

9. Билалов Б.Т., Гасымов Т.Б. О базисах прямого разложения. Доклады Академии Наук, 2016, том 467, № 4, с. 381–384

10. Bilalov B.T., Kasumov T.B., Guliyeva A.A. On solvability of Riemann boundary value problem in Morrey-Hardy classes. Turk J Math, 40, (2016), 1085-1101
Membership with international and foreign scientific organizations  
Pedagogical activity Docent of the chair of “Functions theory and functional analysis” at Baku State University.
Other activities Member of scientific-subject seminar phD Defence Council at IMM NASA, member of organization Committee of Republican Olympiad on Mathematics. 
Awards and prizes
  1. Honor diploma of BakuStateUniversity.
  2. Certificate of competiton of Science Development Foundation under the President of Azerbaijan Republic and Ministry of Communication and Information Technologies.
Main place of work and its address Baku State University, Academic Zahid Khalilov street, 23
Position docent 
Office phone  
Mobile (+994 50) 6698180 
Home phone (+994 12) 4772446