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Nagiev Hasan Ali oglu
Place of birth Baku  
Date of birth 02.08.1977  
Education Department of Applied Mathematics and Cybernetics of the Baku State University  
Scientific degree PhD in technical sciences 

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Computer science

Qualitative research of three-dimensional nonlinear dynamic systems by numerical methods and visualization of managerial processes (on the example of process cracking of oil)

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Basic scientific achievements Meeting the challenges in the field of nonlinear dynamics, situational management, management visualization. 
Names of scientific works
  1. Ф.Б.Имранов, Г.А.Нагиев. Качественное исследование тепловой динамики реакционно-регенерационных систем с циркулирующим катализатором в трехмерном пространстве состояний.// Известия. Вуз.-ов  «Химия и химическая технология», г. Иваново, 2011,T. 54, №1, С. 95-100
  2. А. Г. Нагиев, Ф.Б.Имранов, Г.А.Нагиев.  Многолистовый фазовый стерео портрет трехмерной динамической системы и визуализация процесса управления объектами с множественностью стационарных состояний.// Автоматика и вычислительная техника. г.Рига , 2011, № 1, C.18-29.           
  3. A.G.Nagiev,S.A.Khalilov,A.S.Guseinova, H.A.Nagiev. Visualization of the Factor of Transported-Catalyst Density Distribution Along the Length of Vertical Pipelines in Petroleum Gas Oil Cracking Units // Chemical and Petroleum Engineering. Springer. May 2016, Volume 52, Issue 1, pp 15-20.
  4.  A. G. Nagiev, F. A. Alieva, H.A.Nagiev. Problem of Optimal Management of Resources of Industrial Production with Given Statistical Data of Disturbance Parameters // 2016ICMSEM,«Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing», Springer. Volume 502. 2016, pp. 997-1009.
  5.  A. G. Nagiev, F. A. Alieva, Vibrational Control of Objects with Distributed Parameters Using Hydrotreating of Motor Fuels as an Example// 2016ICMSEM,«Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing», Springer. Volume 502. 2016, pp. 213-222.
  6. Aliyeva F.,Nagiev.H., Mathematical modeling of dynamics of the reactor hydrotreating hydrocarbon oils to control//PROBLEMS OF MODERN SCIENCE AND EDUCATION. Moscow 2016, № 18 (60), pp.23-27.
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Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics ANAS, AZ1141, Azerbaijan Republic, Baku, B.Vahabzade, 9

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Office phone (+994 12) 5395097  
Mobile (+994 55) 7770909 
Home phone (+994 12) 5305427