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Garayev Tarlan Zafar oglu
Place of birth Azerbaijan Republic, Goychay district  
Date of birth 08.12.1963       
Education Baku State University  
Scientific degree PhD.  in math  

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Differential equations

Defect bases and their applications 

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Basic scientific achievements A sufficient condition for the basis property of systems with infinite defect in a Banach space is found. Found criterion for basicity of systems with a finite defect in a Banach space. In terms of multipliers Lp-analogue of Theorem "1/4-Kadets" is found  relatively perturbed system of exponents. In еterms of multipliers found Lp-analogue of Theorem "1/4-Kadets" relatively perturbed systems of sines and cosines. 
Names of scientific works
  1. Kasumov T.B., Garayev T.Z. On necessary and sufficient conditions for obtaining the bases of banach spaces. Proc. of IMM of NAS of Azerb., 2007, vol XXVI(XXXIV), pp. 93-98.
  2. Мурадов Т.Р. Гараев Т.З.   О мультипликаторах и Р-аналоге теоремы “1|4-Кадеца”. Естественные и технические науки, №4, 2010,  стр.16-23.
  3. Garayev T.Z. Kadets 1/4 -theorem and multipliers of               type (p,p). Trans. of NAS of Az., Vol. XXX, № 2010.   pp. 55-60.
  4. Bilalov.B.T. Garayev T.Z. On bazis properties of function       system in Lebesgue spaces. American Journal of        Mathematiks and Statistics. Vol. №6,  2012.
  5. Sadigova.S.R., GarayeT.Z. -absolute continuity-derivative.-Newton-Leibniz formula. Journal of Contemporary Applied Mathematics. V.6, №1, 2016, pp.66-73.
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Pedagogical activity Teacher at the university of  Baku Business University, chair of “Higher Mathematics and Technical Subjects” 
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Certificate of competition of Science Development Foundation under the President of Azerbaijan Republic and Ministry of Communication and Information Technologies.

Main place of work and its address

Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics ANAS, AZ1141, Azerbaijan Republic, Baku, B.Vahabzade, 9

Position Senior Researcher 
Office phone (+994 12) 5387250 
Mobile (+994 55) 7878400 
Home phone (+994 12) 5714834