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Shukurov Aydin Shukur oglu
Place of birth Baku 
Date of birth 07.07.1983 
Education Dnepropetrovsk State University 
Scientific degree phD in mathematic 
Title Associate Professor 
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Differential equations

Inverse problems for a diffusion operator with regular boundary condition.
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Basic scientific achievements  
Names of scientific works

1. Necessary condition of basicity of a system of powers in Lebesgue spaces, Transactions of NAS of Azerbaijan. 2009, Vol. XXIX, №4, pp.173-178

2. Necessary condition for Kostyuchenko type systems to be a basis in Lebesgue spaces,       Colloquium Mathematicum 127(2012), pp.105-109

3. Addendum to "Necessary condition for Kostyuchenko type systems to be a basis in Lebesgue spaces", Colloquium Mathematicum, 137(2014), pp.297-298

4. The power system is never a basis in the space of continuous functions, American Mathematical Monthly, 122 (2015), p.137-137

5. İmpossibilty of  the power series expansion of all continuous functions,  Azerbaijan Journal of Mathematics. Vol. 6. No. 1 (2016)

6.   Simpler proof of the Ringrose's characterization of compact operators, European Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics, Vol. 8, No 4 (2015), pp.499-501

7. (with I.M. Nabiev) Solution of inverse problem for the diffusion operator in a symmetric       case, Izv. Saratov. Univ. Mat. Mekh. Inform., 2009, Vol. 9, Issue 4(1), pp.36-40 (in Russian)

8. About one type of sequences that are not a Schauder basis in Hilbert space, Vestn. Udmurtsk. Univ. Mat. Mekh. Komp. Nauki, 2015, Volume 25, Issue 2, Pages 244–247 

9. On a paper by Khmyleva and Bukhtina, Vestn. Tomsk. Gos. Univ. Mat. Mekh., 2015, Number 6(38), Pages 56–59

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Pedagogical activity Baku State University 
Other activities  
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Main place of work and its address

Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics ANAS, AZ1141, Azerbaijan Republic, Baku, B.Vahabzade, 9

Position Senior research fellow
Office phone  
Mobile (+994 55) 7874245 
Home phone (+994 12) 5613302