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Nadjafova Samira Imamyar gizi
Place of birth Azerbaijan, Baku c. 
Date of birth 28.06.1968 
Education Baku State University 
Scientific degree Doctor of Philosophy in Biology (PhD)  

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2426.01; 2414.01

Ecology; Microbiology

The biotik factors in stability of soils to the hydrocarbon and ability of selfcleaning lengthways northern route of expert pipeline in Azerbaijan

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Basic scientific achievements

Developed the scientific foundations and principles of forecasting of stability soil ecosystem lengthways Northern route of expert pipeline and them selfcleaning of ability in case of petroleum pollution.

Developed a method for determining the self-purification capacity of soils by determining the rate of mineralization of petroleum products in different soils along the pipeline ;

Developed a biological product to increase biological activity and enhance self-purification ability of oil and oil products.

For the first time for urban soils Baku shows the possibility of increasing their biological activity and relevant self-purification capacity by using biologics based on activated sludge municipal wastewater treatment plants 
Names of scientific works
  1. Nadjafova S. «Potential self-cleaning ability of soils located along oil pipelines» Mater. of 17th World Congress of Soil Science, Thailand, 2002 , p.525
  2. Babayev M., Najafova S., «About the stability of Soils to Oil Contamination along North Export Pipeline», Mater. Of 18th World Congress of Soil Science, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, July 9-15, 2006, p.140- 34
  3. Najafova S.I, Gasimova A.S Microbiological and biochemical characteristics of soil under the parks and squares of Baku. Bulletin of Moscow State Regional University . № 2, 2012, p.28- 31
  4. Nadjafova S.I., Gasimova A.S., N.M. Ismailov. Biologicalfeatures of soil under the parks and squares of Baku. Mater. II International Conference “The city as a system”, 24-27 October, 2012, Nizhnevartovsk . - 301 .
  5. Nadjafova S.I, Gasimova G.S Ecological monitoring of urban soils. Mater. ofRussian scientific and practical  
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Institute of  Microbiology of  ANAS, Azerbaijan, Baku c., Badamdar highway 40, AZ1073

Position Head of Laboratory, Leading Research Worker 
Office phone (+994 12) 5024359 
Mobile (+994 50) 3672613 
Home phone (+994 12) 4322963 
Fax (+994 12) 5024470