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Aliev Ilkham Azizkhan oglu
Place of birth Azerbaijan Republic, Salyan  
Date of birth 01.03.1959 
Education Baku State University 
Scientific degree Doctor of Philosophy in Biology 

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Eco- biology features of  xylotrophic species of mycobiota of the Burovar forests

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Basic scientific achievements The studies found that in the studied areas distributed 56 species of Aphillophoroidal fungi, 4 species of them new for mycobiota of Azerbaijani forests. 3 kinds of them (Fomes fomentarius, Fomitopsis pinicola, Trametes versicolor) are dominants for the forest and their incidence is 73-85ekz/ga. 
Names of scientific works
  1. Aliev I.A., Muradov P.Z ., Gahramanova F.X. Ecological status of forests Burovar based on mycological research. International Conference "Forest management , ecology and forest protection : fundamental and applied aspects" Tomsk, 2005.
  2. Aliev I.A., Muradov P.Z ., Gahramanova F.X. Biote of  xylotrophic fungi some agrophytocenosis and forests of the Azerbaijan Republic . IX International Conference "Biodiversity Caucasus" Mahachkala . 2007
  3. Aliev I.A., Muradov P.Z. , Abbasov D.M., Allakhverdiyev A.S., G.A. Aliyev , Shahsevanimudzharrad L.A., Study of morphological and physiological characteristics of some basidiomycetes having medical value . Immunopathology , allergology , infectology , v.1, № 1 , Moscow , 2009 .
  4. Aliev I.A., Muradov P.Z. , Gahramanova F.X. , Garayusifova A.K., Abbasov D.M. Monitoring species composition xylotrophic macromycetes common in the forests of Azerbaijan. International Conf. "Ecology biosystems : problems of studying, and predicting indukatsii " g.Astrahan.2009 .
  5. Aliev I.A., Muradov P.Z ., Kurbanov E.M., N.S Hajiyev , Mustafazade N.N. Mycobiota medicinal plants are included in the flora of Azerbaijan. International Conf. " Actual problems of  bio-ecology ", Moscow , 2010 
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Jalilabad distr., Lekin ( 1989-2009)

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Institute of  Microbiology of  ANAS, Azerbaijan, Baku c., Badamdar highway 40, AZ1073

Position Head of  Biochemical laboratory 
Office phone (+994 12) 5024389 
Mobile (+994 51) 3513636 
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Fax (+994 12) 5024470