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Suleymanova Zarifa Jahandar gizi
Place of birth Armenian Republic, region Spitak, village Saral   
Date of birth 18.01.1964 
Education Azerbaijan State University 
Scientific degree PhD in Biology
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2415.0 1

Molecular biology

Some aspects of structural organization and evolution of Cicer arietinum chloroplast genome

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Basic scientific achievements Two arbitrarily selected BamHI fraqments of ~6kb and и ~4 kb of Cicer arietinum chloroplast DNA were partly sequenced (totally, 2032 bp were determined). It was found that 2 groups of genes (petA, cemA and accD, 4,5S rrn and   tRNAAsn ), located at the different parts (separated by ~ 40 kb) of plastid genomes of tobacco, arabidopsis, rice and maize, are included by the same region of chickpea plastid DNA. These findings suggest that during the evolution substantial structural changes occurred in the chickpea plastid genome. Salinity tolerance potensial have been analyzed in 112 wheat varieties by using the well-known RAPD markers associated with one of the genes controlling resistance to salinity. Using OPZ09 marker the expected DNA fragment of ~ 590 bp was amplified in 39 wheat genotypes. This marker is probably associated with salinity tolerance traits of the studied collection. An assessment of the presence of the genome marker linked to the Nax1 gene, which regulates contents of Na ions in leaves under salinity, has been performed in 19 domestic varieties of Triticum durum. Using gwm312 and wmc170 molecular markers 200 bp allele linked to the Nax1 gene was detected in the Barakatli-95, Garabagh, Sharg, Shiraslan-23 and Gyrmyzy bugda varieties. Identified varieties may be promising for use in breeding.
Names of scientific works 1. Mamedov A.Ch., Shahmuradov I.A., Suleymanova Z.J., Aliev J.A. Some peculiarities of chloroplast genome of Cicer arietinum.17th International Congress on Photosynthesis, August 17-22, 1998, Budapest, Hungary, v.4, p. 3039-3043.

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9. Proceedings of ANAS biological and medical sciences. 2016, v.71, № 2, p. 24-28

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Pedagogical activity Teaching subjects for the master degree students at the Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnologies, Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences 
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Main place of work and its address Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnologies of ANAS, AZ1073, Baku, pr., Matbuat, 2A
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