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Ishenko Nelli Yakovlevna
Place of birth Baku, Azerbaijan Republic
Date of birth 15.01.1949 
Education Azerbaijan State University n.a.S.M.Kirov 
Scientific degree Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry
Title Dosent 

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Chemistry of high-molecular compounds

Synthesis of unsaturated epoxide oligomers: structure, properties and application 

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Number of patents and certificates of authorship 5

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Basic scientific achievements The telomerization reaction of allylglycidy ether under action of radicals generated at thermal decomposition of peroxides with the aim of preparation of new epoxide resins has been studied. The proposed process is unwaste, one-stage and ecologically pure. On the basis of the synthesized resin the heat-, thermal-, tracking0resistance epoxide compositions have been developed.
Names of scientific works

1. Композиционные материалы на основе новых эпоксидных смол.

2. Синтез и изучение свойств водораз-бавляемого эпоксидного теломера.

3. Получение сложных эфиров алициклического ряда в присутствии нанодиоксидов титана.

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Institute of Polymer Materials, AZ5004, Azerbaijan Republic, Sumgait, S.Vurgun Str., 124

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Office phone (+994 18) 6420075 
Mobile (+994 50) 3411434 
Home phone (+994 12) 4215568 
Fax (+994 18) 6420400