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Rzayeva Aliya Bayram gizi
Place of birth Nakhchivan city 
Date of birth 06.05.1983 
Education Nакhchivan State Universitety 
Scientific degree Doctor of philosophy in chemistry 
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Inorganic chemistry

Obtaining and properties of thioindates in sys-tems of metal ions (СuI,II, , TII, AgI, PbII, FeII, CdII, CoII, NiII)–In2S3–H2O
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Number of patents and certificates of authorship  2
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Basic scientific achievements Development of methods of obtaining water environment triple halkogenits of indium.        
Names of scientific works
  1. New method of receiving three-indium monosulfpide. “Science and education” Wiesbaden, Germany, 2012,  p.20-23.
  2. Receiving nanocompound Sb2S3, “Фэн-наука”  journal of science, Buqulma, 2013, с.5-9.
  3. Solvaythermal method of receiving nanointerconnect of triselenide antimony. “Science and world” international scientific journal, №3(3), Volgograd, 2013, p.40-45.
  4. Hidrothermal method of MoS3 nanocompound production. New of Nakhchivan Section of ANA of Sciences. №2, 2013, s.18-23.
  5. 0154 Patents I, 2009.
  6. New method of receiving, “Alternative energetic and ecology” international scientific journal, 2006, p. 84-85.
  7. İndium, Naxkhchivan, Tusi, 2012, 165 p. 
Membership with international and foreign scientific organizations  
Pedagogical activity  
Other activities Membership “Young scientist” 
Awards and prizes 1.Best achievement in scence, natural and technical sciences in 2013 was awarded the honorary name  “Scientist of the field of science, the Year”

2. Significant activities in the field of science, the State Organization for Family, Women and Children, presents “Diploma”, 2014

Main place of work and its address Nakhchivan  Branch of the Natural Academy Sciences of Azerbaijan Institute of Resources, H.Aliyev aven 35  
Position head  researcher  
Office phone (+994 36) 5446993 
Mobile (+994 70) 3626280 
Home phone (+994 36) 5456651