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Niyazov Khalid Gudrat oglu
Place of birth

Azerbaijan Republic, Baku city

Date of birth 16.03.1962 
Education Azerbaijan State University 
Scientific degree PhD in Political Sciences  
Title Associate professor
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Political institutions and systems

State Information Policy in the context of the modernization of the political system in Azerbaijan (in case of Mass)

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Basic scientific achievements The fundamental political and legal issues related to information policy of Azerbaijan were investigeted for the first time in political science of Azerbaijan 
Names of scientific works State Information Policy (in case of mass media), Baku, "Science and education", 2016, 324 p. Monograph

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26. The political and legal provision of freedom of the mass media, "Civilization", the Baku Eurasian University, 4 / 28-30 - 2016, p. 107-115.

Membership with international and foreign scientific organizations  
Pedagogical activity  
Other activities Public TV, "Media and Time" TV program, the author-anouncer 
Awards and prizes 1. Əməkdar jurnalist, 2005-ci il

2. H.Zərdabi, “Qızıl Qələm”, “Ali Media”

Main place of work and its address Institute of Law and Human Rights of ANAS, AZ1073, Azerbaijan, Baku, H.Cavid avenue, 115 
Position Researcher  
Office phone (+994 12) 5372076 
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