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Ahmedova Nargiz Ali gizi
Place of birth Baku, Azerbaijan 
Date of birth 09.08.1962 
Education Azerbaijan State University
Scientific degree Doctor of Philosophy in Biology
Title Senior researcher 
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The Ciliates fauna from virgin and cultivated soils of western Azerbaijan and influence of insectisids (“Karate”, “Pegas” and “Nurel-D”) on them. 

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Basic scientific achievements In all 126 species of freeliving ciliates were found in the soils of Northern –West Azerbaijan, including 50 species are new for the Caucasus fauna and 60 species for the Azerbaijan fauna.On a basis of obtained results we can draw a conclusion that in spite of the fact that toxicity of  “Nurel-D” is remained longer than “Karate” and “Pegas”. According to toxicity “Karate” occupies the first place, “Pegas” the second and “Nurel-D” – the third one. 
Names of scientific works 1. The insecticide effect on the soil ciliates fauna of virgine and cultivated soils in the foothills of the minor Caucasus within Western Azerbaijan. Moscow, 2007, p.69-71

2. Biodiversity and vertical distribution free-living protists of soil biotops of south-east Azerbaijan.Proceedings of the Azerbaijan Institute of Zoology. Vol.30, №2,2012, p.110-116

Membership with international and foreign scientific organizations Member of Azerbaijan Society of Zoologists 


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Institute of Zoology ANAS, black 504, passage 1128, A.Abbaszade str., Baku, AZ1004, Azerbaijan Republic

Position Senior researcher 
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