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Mammadova Tamara Hamid gizi
Place of birth Baku, Azerbaijan 
Date of birth 06th of January, 1940 
Education Azerbaijan State University, Department of Biology 
Scientific degree Ph.D. in Biological Sciences 
Title Senior Researcher 
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Sawflies (Hymenoptera, Symphyta) Lenkoran zone (Talysh)  of  Azerbaijan
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Basic scientific achievements The species composition ( 170 species sawflies belonging to 6 families ) . Of these, 130 species of fauna is indicated for the first time in Azerbaijan. One species of  Tenthredo zuvandica sp.n. is new to science. First studied their distribution in natural areas , vertical zones , landscaped areas , habitats , food communication , zoogeography and biology of the pest species. Scarab beetles studied ( chafers -Melalontinae). In Azerbaijan, 83 known species. Our research in the Great Caucasus in Azerbaijan revealed 33 species . The species composition , population dynamics , power distribution, and trophic relations bioecological features economically important species. Studied groups of insects on scientific principles of pest , research results implemented in farms of the Republic . Was one of two research grants performers : 1. " Rare and endangered species of plants and arthropods Hirkan  Nat . Park "(2006-2007 gg.) 2 . "Influence of radionuclides on the ground , plants and invertebrates in oil-contaminated soils Apsheron " ( 2009-2012). According to the results of these projects have been published booklets and brochures , the patent "Method of cleaning soil from radionuclides ." 
Names of scientific works 1.New species  Tenthredo  (Hymenoptera, Tentredinidae)  of Zuvand. Et al. A.N.Zhelohovtsev. Zoological Journal of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, Moscow, 1971, № 7, pp. 1108-1109.

2. Arthropoda of the Hirkan Corridor and Hirkan National Park Red List update. Journal "Status and Protection at Globally thretened species in the Caucasicus", Tbilisi, 2009, p.179-182.

3. impact of radionuclides on the ground, plants and invertebrates in oil-contaminated soils of Apsheron and ways of their biological remediation. Et al. Rasulova Z.K., Jafarov E.S.,Huseynzade  G.A. so  on , R & R Independent Media Company, Baku, 2012, 70 page s.
Membership with international and foreign scientific organizations "Society of Zoologists Azerbaijan" 
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Awards and prizes Medal "Veteran of Labor"
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Institute of Zoology ANAS, black 504, passage 1128, A.Abbaszade str., Baku, AZ1004, Azerbaijan Republic


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