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Mammadova Farida Zohrab gizi
Place of birth Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic of Azerbaijan 
Date of birth 16.07.73 
Education Azerbaijan State Medical University 
Scientific degree PhD 
Title Associate professor 
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Activation of qlutamatdehydrogenaze, aspartat and alaninaminotransferaze  enzimes in  «parazite-host» system durinq eimeriosis(E.tenella)  and treatment of poultries

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Basic scientific achievements

In chickens of rock White Plymouth, local black and speckled is found the change of liver enzymes involved in the metabolism of amino acids for eimeriosis .  It was found that local black and speckled breed chickens  are more resistant to eimeriosis. For the first time it was established that there is an aminoacid triptofan, enzymes qlutamatdehydrogenase, aspartat and alaninaminotransferase in the proteins of oocysts of  E. tenella parasite.

Names of scientific works

1.Вiochemistry xarakteristik of coccidia   (Apicomplexa, Coccidia).// ХИИИ Ulusal konqress.-İstanbul,1997, p. 519-626.

2. Glutamate dehydrogehase, alanine- and aspartate aminotransferase of E. tenella (Apicomplexa, Coccidia) oocysts and effect of amino acids alkyl derivatives on their aktivities// International Journal of Natural and Engineering Sciences, Turkey, 2007, 25-27.

3. Study of the impakt of environmental pollution (oil) for products of life activiti of honeybees  (Apis Melliferа L. Caucasica) by method of qas hromatoqraphy.// Vesnik ZSU (Ukraine), 2012, №2, p. 35-40.

4. Influence of γ- radiations on products of life activiti of honeybees (Apis Melliferа L. Caucasica).// Vesnik ZSU (Ukraine), 2012, №3, p. 35-40.

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Institute of  Zoology of the ANAS, black 504, passage 1128, A.Abbaszade str., Baku, AZ1004, Azerbaijan Republic

Position Senior Researcher 
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Mobile (+994 55) 7200832 
Home phone (+994 12) 5645214