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Ashrafova Yagut Bahadur gizi
Place of birth Kurdamir town, Sоr-sor village   
Date of birth 07.07.1960 

AzerbaijanState  University, faculty of journalism

Baky Institute of Social Management and  Political Science, faculty of Political Science  
Scientific degree PhD on literature 

Topic of  PhD thesis:

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The creative work of Ashyg Ahmad

Total number of printed scientific publications:

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12 articles, 5 books

Number of patents and certificates of authorship  

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Basic scientific achievements  
Names of scientific works
  1. «The anguish»
  1. «Fell in love with the sing, the saz»
  2. «I am the child of old Shirvan»
  3. «About some aspects of the mutual relations of the master  and  environment in ashyg literature» (on the creative work of  Ashyg Ahmed)
  4. «The image of H.Aliev in the  creative work of Аshyg Аhmad»
  5. «About the status of the master   Ashyg Аhmad»
  6. «The aesthetical analysis of modern аshyg poetry» (on the creative work  of Ashyg Ahmad)
  7. «The idea-aesthetical foundation of modern Azerbaijani   аshyg poetry»
  8. «The creative work of the epic (dastan) of Аshyg Ahmad»
  9. «The religious verses by Аshyg Аhmad»
  10. «The creative work of Аshyg Аhmad»
  11. «The genre  coverage of the poetry by Ashyg Ahmad»
  12. «I am a child of the Dreams»
  13. «About the  ritual creative work of the  Shirvan аshygs» 
Membership with international and foreign scientific organizations

Pedagogical activity  
Other activities The member of the Union of the Women  
Awards and prizes

The honorary prize of the press «The golden  pen»

Main place of work and its address The head of the regional department of  Аran of National Museum of  Azerbaijani Literature named after Nizami Gandjavi of ANAS, Кurdamir town 
Position The head 
Office phone (02025) 5-41-64 
Mobile (+994 50) 3291969 
Home phone (+994 12) 4328111