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Abdullayev Nadir Allahverdi oglu

Place of birth Azerbaijan, Baku 
Date of birth 01.11.1955
Education Moscow State University 
Scientific degree Doctor of  Science 
Title Dosent
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Physics of semiconductors and dielectrics

Features of thermal expansion of layered crystals

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Physics of semiconductors and dielectrics

Features of phonon processes and localization effects of charge carriers in high anisotropic crystals

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Basic scientific achievements

Explanations of negative thermal expansion in the plane and effect of "thermal anomalies" in thermal conductivity of the classic layered crystal - graphite on the basis of the so-called "membrane" effect are given.

A negative thermal expansion in the layers in layered crystals GaS, GaSe, InSe, TlGaSe2 are found and interpreted.

Anomalies in the temperature dependence of thermal expansion in layered semiconductors TlGaSe2 and TlInS2 in area of phase transitions were found. From studies of the effect of preliminary illumination and applied external electric field on thermal expansion and TlGaSe2 and TlInS2 concluded that the essential role of the electronic subsystem in thermal expansion.

The features of the mechanism of charge transfer in-plane and in a direction perpendicular to the layers in a wide range of layered crystals (semiconductors, semimetals, and metals) in wide temperature interval 0,3-300K and magnetic fields up to 8 Tl are investigated. Obtained data taking into account hopping conduction on localized states, effects of weak localization and weak antilocalization are interpreted.

Bi2Te2,7Se0,3, InAs0,56Sb0,44 and other thin films were obtained. The some physical processes in this thin films (rentgen diffraction, raman scattering, electron microscopy, spectral ellipsometry, electric and qalvanomaqnit effects et al.) were studied.

Names of scientific works 1. G.L.Belenkii, E.Yu.Salaev, R.A.Suleymanov and N.A.Abdullayev. The nature of temperature dependence of energy gaps in layer semiconductors. Solid State Commun., 47, 263 (1983).

2. N.A.Abdullayev, L.N. Alieva, R.A. Suleimanov. Thermal expansion and temperature dependence of raman active modes in layer semiconductors. Phys. Stat. Sol. (b) 129, K13-K16 (1985).

3. G.L.Belenkii, N.A.Abdullayev, V.N.Zverev and V.Ya.Stenshraiber Nature of the conductivity anisotropy and distinctive features in the localization of electrons in layered indium selenide. JETP Lett., 47, 584 (1988).

4. N.A.Abdullayev. Gruneisen parameters for layered crystals. Physics of the Solid State, 43, 727 (2001).

5. N.A.Abdullayev. Elastic properties of layered crystals. Physics of the Solid State, 48, 663 (2006).

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Main place of work and its address Institute of Physics Azerbaijan National Academy of Science, Baku, AZ1134, H.Javid av., 131 
Position Head of laboratory
Office phone (+994 12) 5395163
Mobile (+994 55) 7998810
Home phone (+994 12) 5614229