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Ibrahimov Huseyn Behbud oglu
Place of birth Julfa, Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic   
Date of birth 15.08.1960 
Education Baku State University 
Scientific degree Doctor science of physics 
Title Professor 
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Physics of semiconductors and insulators

Interaction of electrons with the structure ordering of the solid solutions of In1-xGaxAs

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Condense matter

Electron processes in confined dimensionality systems on a basis of AIIIBV crystals.

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Basic scientific achievements

Main studies are optical and transport phenomena in nanostructures.

1. A theory of the free-carrier absorption has been given for low –dimensional  systems.

2. A theory of the interaction electron-disorder crystal lattices and interaction electron –boundary roughness has been given for low dimensional systems.

Names of scientific works

1.Mekhtiev M.A., Ibragimov G.B., Hatamov M.H. A new method for impurity States in semiconductors Solid State Commun. 1983, v.52, N4, 385

2. Aliev M.I.Khalilov Кh , Ibragimov G.B. Free-carrier absorption in In1-xGaxAs. Phys. Stat. Sol(b) 1987, v.140, K83

3. Ibragimov G.B. Free-carrier absorption in quantum well structures for alloy-disorder

4. Ibragimov G.B. Free-carrier magneto absorption in quantum well wires J. Phys.: Condens.Matter 15,8949(2003)

5. Ibragimov G.B. Modification of the theory of one-dimensional mobility due to scattering by alloy disorder Ukr.J.Phys.49, 81, 2004.

6.Aliyev M.I., H. Derin Temperature dependence of optical absorption in In1-xGaxAs Cryst.Res. Technol. 2006, v.41,N9, p.902-905

7. Ibragimov G.B. , H.Derin Confined LO phonon limited free-carrier absorption in quantum well wires Semiconductor Physics, Quantum Electronics and Optoelecronics 2007,v.9,N4, p.12-16

8. Alekperov O.Z., Nadjafov A.I. Ibragimov G.B.Fakix A.R. Polytypes in ferroelectric TlİnS2 and its dielectric and optic properties Phys.Status Solidi C6,N 5, pp.977-980, 2009

9. H.B. İbrahimov Nanoölçülü sistemlərdə elektron prosesləri 2012 monoqrafiya

10.Ibragimov G.B ., .Abaszade R.G.,.Ibaeva R.Z Theory of free-carrier absorption in cylindrical quantum wires. International journal of latest research in science and technologu, vol.3 pp.78-80, 2014, India

11. Ibragimov G.B. ,E A. Kerimov Energy of optical transitions of metal nanotubes European Science Review 2014№1,p.163-167

12. V.I. Nasirov, A.G. Rzaeva Structural Transformations in Cu1.95Ni0.05S Crystals Crystallography, 2016 V.61,No7, pp.1-3

Membership with international and foreign scientific organizations Member of European Academy of Natural Science 
Pedagogical activity Baku State University, professor  
Other activities

Participations in the Grants and Projects

  1. Grant project by support of NATO, 2005
  2. Joint Project between Institute of Physics of NANA and Belorussia Fund of Basic Researches (Grant T10Az-15)
  3. Grant by support of the Science Development Foundation under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan (№EİF-2011-1(3)/82/05/1)    
Awards and prizes

1.The Diploma of the EuropeanAcademy of Natural Sciences,

Leonard Eyler Medal 

Main place of work and its address Institute of Physics of ANAS, G.Javid ave. 131, AZ1143, Baku 
Position The head of Department  
Office phone (+994 12) 5397211 
Mobile (+994 50) 5021754, (+994 55) 7732128 
Home phone (+994 12) 4782935