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Jafarova Elmira Asad gizi
Place of birth Nakhichevan  
Date of birth 07.06.1937 
Education Moscow State University
Scientific degree Doctor of sciences by physics  
Title Docent 
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Physics of semiconductors  and  insulators

Investigation of  reactive properties of diffused diodies  on base n- and p- Si   

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Physical Electronics

Ge, Si with deep impurity of levels and non-stationary electronic processes in barrier structures on their basis
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Number of patents and certificates of authorship 5
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Basic scientific achievements 1. There has be first shown possibility of obtaining p-n junction in Al-SiO2-nSi-M structure without high-temperature diffusion, application of electric field by Al transfer through the channel in the oxide in Si. The metod of manufacturing of the switch on a basis n-Si developed, and a cell of memory with electric rewriting and a diode matrix with identical parameters of a direct rewriting and a diode matrix with identical parameters of direct voltage drop are offered.

2. There have been shown possibility of In2O3-SiO2-pSi-SiO2-Al structure photosensivity control with applied voltage.

3. Deals with the complex investigated by method of non-stationary capacity spectroscopy photocapacity, photoconductivity and electron paramagnetic resonance of non-stationary electron processes in p-n and MIS-structures made on Si and Ge –based with deep impurities of transition metals (Ni, W, Ti and Ta).It was obtaining main parameters of deep levels. 
Names of scientific works 1. Investigation of p-n junctions n- Si obtained by electromigration of Al through a thin SiO2film. Sol. State Commun. 1984,v. 49, №3, p.273-278, №3,c.52 

2. Исследование влияния электронного облучения на структуру GaSe-SiO2 ФТП, 2002, т.36, №7, с.858-860

3. Диэлектрические свойства пленок SiOx переменного состава  Fizika 2008, том.14, №3,с.52,

4. Влияние электроактивного никеля на свойства Ni.Неорганические  материалы , 2010, т.46, вып.10, с. 1163-1166,

5. Влияние эмиттерного тока на свойства коллекторного перехода Si и Ge структур. Неорганические материалы, 2012, том.47,№3, с.261-265


Jafarova E.A, Z.Y.Sadygov, F.I.Ahmadov, A.Z.Sadyqov, A.A.Dovlatov, L.A.Aliyeva, E.S.Tapdyqov Features of barrier capacitance mikropixel avalanche Photodiodes at different frequencies. Universal journal of Physics and Applications, 2016 , v. 10 ,№1,p 1-4
Membership with international and foreign scientific organizations  
Pedagogical activity 1977-1985- Department of  Electronics, Azerbaijan Technical University 
Other activities Institute of Physics National Academy of Sciences, member of the Scientific Council  
Awards and prizes Grants:

1. The joint grant of National Academies of sciences of Azerbaijan and Belarus. Development of technology for thin-film solar cells based on chalcopyrite semiconductors. 2010.

2. The regular Grant of  STCU - 5611. “Obtaining and investigation of thin film Solar Cells on the basis of Сu(İnGa)(Se,S)2 materials with chalcopyrite structures”. 2012 
Main place of work and its address Institute of Physics of ANAS, Baku , G. Javid ave. 131
Position Leading of Laboratories 
Office phone (+994 12) 5394057
Mobile (+994 51) 8875223 
Home phone (+994 12) 4408322