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Mammadov Tofig Gambay oglu
Place of birth Russian, Leningrad Image result for Məmmədov Tofiq Gambay oğlu
Date of birth 04.08.1949 
Education Azerbaijan Institute of Oil and Chemistry
Scientific degree Doctor of Physical Sciences
Title Professor 
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Investigation of mechanisms of radiationless losses from Nd3+ metastable 4F3/2 level in laser materials               

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Physics of semiconductors and dielectrics

Spectroscopy of strongly anisotropic semiconductors А3В6 and А3В3С62under pressure and phase transformations in them

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Basic scientific achievements The all decay process stages of neodymium ion excited state in laser matrixes are experimentally marked out and parameters characterizing the elementary processes are defined for the first time.

The phase transitions under the pressure in strongly anisotropic semiconductors with TlGaSe2 type structure are observed by the dielectric and optic spectroscopy methods for the first time. The behavior of forbidden band widths of these class crystals under the influence of hydrostatic and uniaxial pressure, as a result of thermal expansion and composition change is studied and the variation of forbidden band widths is described within the framework of deformation potential united model.

The nature of nonconventional manifestation of thermal memory effects of an incommensurate phase in crystals with TlGaSe2 type structure is revealed. It is shown the possibility of management by many physical properties of these crystals in the region of the existence of an incommensurate phase.

Names of scientific works 1. Исследование природы безызлучательной релаксации энергии возбуждения в конденсированных средах с высоким содержанием активатора. ЖЭТФ, 1976, т.71, с. 470-488.

2. Deformation Effect in Electronic Spectra of the Layered Semiconductors TlGaS2, TlGaSe2,TlInS2. Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter., 2003,v.15, p.1291-1298.

3. Unusual Memory Effects in an Incommensurate Phase of the TlInS2 Ferroelectric Semiconductor. Physics of the Solid State, 2009, v.51,pp. 533-542.

4. The Role of Electronic Subsystem in the Negative Termal Expansion of Ferroelectric-Semiconductor TlGaSe2. Japanese Journal of Applied Physics (2011) 50 05FD06

Membership with international and foreign scientific organizations  
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Other activities Member of  international review board of Azerbaijan Journal of  Physics “ Fizika”
Awards and prizes Lenin Komsomol Prize of the USSR in science and engineering. 1976.
Main place of work and its address Institute of Physics of ANAS, G. Javid ave.131, AZ1143, Baku, Azerbaijan 
Position Head of the Laboratory 
Office phone (+994 12) 5397479 
Mobile (+994 50) 5002200
Home phone (+994 12) 4932190 
Fax (+994 12) 4470456