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Nuriyev Hidayat Rahim oglu


Place of birth Marneuli, Georgia
Date of birth 20.01.1941 
Education Azerbaijan Pedagogical University 
Scientific degree Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences
Title Professor
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Physics of  Semiconductors and Dielectrics

Electron diffraction study of the kinetics of phase transformations and structures of some phases of the silver-selenium system

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Physics of  Semiconductors and Dielectrics

Structure and physical properties of narrow-gap chalcogenide A1B6 and A4B6 in thin layers 
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Number of patents and certificates of authorship 4
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Basic scientific achievements Under his leadership, it was established a research laboratory with production, in order to obtain epitaxial films of narrow-gap semiconductors A4B6 group and ceramic materials based on oxides Al2O3 is widely used in engineering. The laboratory is equipped with modern equipment and devices (electron diffractometer , electron microscope,  X-ray spectrometer,  Auger – spectrometer, vacuum evaporation,  High-temperature furnaces , etc.) and engaged with the applied work. For obtaining of structurally perfect epitaxial films, scientific principles were developed in the laboratory and successfully applied "Condensation of molecular beams" and "hot wall" methods.  It was obtained structurally perfect epitaxial films of A4B6 group compounds and solid solutions,  created p-n homo-  and heterotransitions on  their base,  obtained and used photosensitive elements and structures in the 3 ¸ 5 ; 8¸14 mcm range of IR spectrum. Ceramic materials of Al2O3 oxides were obtained, designed, manufactured and used metal - ceramic products for different purposes based on them. Carried out joint work with research laboratories of the former Soviet Union institutions. These relationships continue for today. It has been created comprehensive conditions in laboratory for research works and highly trained personnel. These specialists are successfully working in various institutions of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences - in universities of Ministry of Education of the Azerbaijan Republic. 
Names of scientific works 1. Нуриев И.Р., Фарзалиев С.С., Садыгов Р.М. Рост эпитаксиальных пле¬нок Pb1-xMnxTe(Ga) на монокристаллах PbTe1-xSex// Поверхность, 2004, №1, с.113-115.

2. Нуриев И.Р., Садыгов Р.М., Назаров А.М. Рост и структура фоточувствительныхэпитаксиальных пленок Pb1-xMnxTe (Ga) // Кристаллография, 2008, т.53, №2, с.329-331.

3. Нуриев И.Р. Структура и особенности морфологии поверхности эпитаксиальных пленок халькогенидов А4В6// Кристаллография, 2009, т.54, №7, c. 1228-1229.

4. Нуриев И.Р., Фараджев Н.В., Назаров А.М. Структура и фоточувствительные гомопереходы эпитаксиальных пленок Pb1-xSnxSe // Кристаллография, 2012, т.57, №2, c. 345-347.

5. Нуриев И.Р., Назаров А.М., Садыгов Р.М., Гаджиев М.Б. Изопериодические эпитаксиальные гетеропереходы Pb1–хMnхSe/PbSe1–хSх// Неорганические материалы, 2014, том 50, №5, c.482-485

Membership with international and foreign scientific organizations Member of the Council of doctoral defense at the Institute of Radiation Problems of ANAS 

Pedagogical activity He taught at the Azerbaijan Technical University 
Other activities Engaged in poetry. Author of 3 books of poems. 
Awards and prizes Honorary Diploma of ANAS
Main place of work and its address Institute of Physics of ANAS, AZ1143, Baku, H.Javid  avn., 131
Position Head of laboratory 
Office phone (+994 12) 4324704 
Mobile (+994 50) 6418388
Home phone (+994 12) 5687442 
Fax (+994 12) 4471456