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Najafov Arzu Islam oglu
Place of birth Azerbaijan, Ganja  
Date of birth 04.08.1953
Scientific degree Doctor of Chemical Sciences
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"Inorganic Chemistry" 

Investigation of systems involving monochalcogenides gallium and rare-earth elements
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01.04.24, 01.04.18

Radiation Materials, crystallography and crystal physics

"Polytypism and polymorphism of A3B3S6crystals and their double analogy"
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Number of patents and certificates of authorship 30
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Basic scientific achievements The methods of preparation of compounds A3B6 (A-Ga, In; B-S, Se, Te) and A3B3C62 (A-Tl, B-Ga, In, C-S, Se, Te), their modifications polytype and solid solutions; The phenomenon of concentration of polymorphism in compounds A3B6 and A3B3C62, discovered and investigated new modifications. Developed a series of photosensitive materials for use in the ultraviolet, visible and X-ray radiation. 
Names of scientific works 1. Политипы моноклинного TlInS2.

2. Growth of orthorhombic and tetragonal modifications of TlInS2 from its monoclinic phase.

3. Полиморфное превращение в кристаллах TlInSе2 и электрофизические свойства фаз.

4. Radiation Stimulated Structural Transition of Monoclinic TlInS2 to Hexagonal Phase.

5. Photoinduced Current Transient Spectroscopy of TlInS2 Layered Crystals Doped with Er, B, and Tb Impurities

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Main place of work and its address Institute of  Physics of ANAS, Baku, H. Javid Ave.131 
Position Head of Laboratory
Office phone (+994 12) 5397433 
Mobile (+994 50) 6479488  
Home phone (+994 12) 4915849