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Ragimov Sadiyar Soltan oglu
Place of birth Azerbaijan, Ismayilli, Qalaciq 
Date of birth 25.03.1958 
Education Baku State University 
Scientific degree Doctor of sciences on physics
Title Dosent 
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Semiconductors and dielectrics physics

The kinetic phenomena inAg-Sb-Te system  
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Solid state physics

The electric charge and heat transport phenomena in high temperature superconducting  Y-Ba-Cu-O and Bi-Sr-Ca-Cu-O systems 
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Basic scientific achievements It was investigated the kinetic phenomena of Ag-Sb-Te system and the obtained results were explained on the theory of geterogen system.

It was shown, that Ag19Sb29Te52 and tempered at 5000S AgSbTe2 may be used as sensible thermoelektrik materials.

At first time in Bi2¬Sr2CaCu2O8+x was observed the rise of thermal conductivity versus maqnetic field.

For determining of high critic magnetic fields of high temperature superconductors was suggested the extrapolation method founded on magnetic field dependence of thermal power.

Names of scientific works 1. С.С.Рагимов, Алиев С.А. «Характер α→β –перехода Ag2Te в сплаве системы Ag-Sb-Te, отвечающем составу AgSbTe2» Неорганические материалы, 2007, т.43, №11, с.1321-1323

2. С.С.Рагимов С.А.Алиев, Алиев В.М. «Влияние магнитного поля на теплопроводность Bi2Sr2CaCu2OX в области сверхпроводящего фазового перехода» Физика Низких Температур, 2009, т.35, №11, стр.1085-1088

3. С.С.Рагимов, И.Н.Аскерзаде «Термоэдс в висмутовых высокотемпературных сверхпроводниках Bi2Sr2Ca2Cu4O11» Журнал технической физики, 2010, том 80, вып. 10, с.150-151

4. В.М. Алиев, С.С. Рагимов, Р.И. Селим-заде “Псевдощель в CdBa2Cu3O7–δ ВТСП материале”, Физика Низких Температур, 2013, т. 39, № 6, c. 635–641

5. S.S.Ragimov A.A.Saddinova V.M.Aliev R.I.Selim-zade “The influence of fluctuations on the superconducting properties of Bi2Sr2Ca0.6Zn0.4Cu2OX and Bi2Sr2Ca1Cu2OX” Materials Science Forum Vol. 845, (2016), p.17-20

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Awards and prizes Bronze medal of NEAE USSR
Main place of work and its address Institute of Physics of ANAS, G.Javid ave. 131, AZ1143,  Baku
Position Leading research worker 
Office phone (+994 12) 5371105
Mobile (+994 50) 5968825,

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