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Shahverdiev Elman Mohammed oglu
Place of birth v.Boyuk Marjanli, Jabrail district, Azerbaijan 
Date of birth 01.04.1958 
Education Graduate from Moscow Engineering-Physical Institute
Scientific degree Doctor of Physical Sciences
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Physical electronics, including quantum

Generation of radiation defects in a wide-band dielectrics under UV irradiation and the kinetics of the non-equilibrium carriers

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Solid state physics

An application of  asymptotic methods to some kinetic models, dynamical systems and chaos synchronization 
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Basic scientific achievements

Conditions for the stable synchronizations between the laser systems with different types were established; this fact is of immense importance for the  laser chaos based communication systems.

There are different types of chaotic synchronization. In an anticipating synchronization the driven system  can be synchronized to the future state of the driver system. This type of synchronization is very important for the information processing, in the noninvasive diagnostics, etc.

Chaos synchronization is also exploited for the construction of dynamical logic gates AND, NAND, OR, XOR by controlling the synchronization error. This result may be used for the purpose of more compact and speedy computational hardware with reconfigurable properties.

By investigating the possibility of both in-phase (complete) and  anti-phase (inverse)  synchronization between the laser systems we  have established that depending on the coupling rates between the systems a transition from the in-phase (complete) synchronization to the anti-phase (inverse) synchronization might occur. The results are important for the disruption of the spread of the certain infectious diseases in human populations. In the power system such transitions could be used for the prevention of the power blackout. Research in the lab has also established that chaos control methods can be used for the species preservation purposes.

The possibility of THz generators based on the synchronized Josephson contacts is established.

Chaos can be harnessed with chaos.

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7.Shahverdiev E.M., Bayramov P.A.,Qocayeva M.V., Coupling dependent synchronization switching in time delay laser systems,Applied and Computational Mathematics, v.13, 250-256, 2014.

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9.Shahverdiev E.M., Chaos anti-synchronization in multiple time delay power systems, Asian Journal of Mathematics and Computer Research, v.7, issue 4, pp. 259-268, 2016.

10. Shahverdiev E.M.,Shore K.A., Dithered time-delays and chaos synchronization in lasers with multiple feedbacks, Asian Journal of Mathematics and Computer Research, v.10, issue 4, pp. 271-284, 2016.

11. Shahverdiev E.M.,Controlling chaos in some laser systems via variable coupling anf feedback time delay, International Journal of Modern physics B, v.30, N 25, 1650181 (12 pages), 2016.

12. Shahverdiev E.M., Hashimova L.H., Bayramov P.A. and Nuriev R.A.,The effect of parameter mismatches and noise on the chaos synchronization quality between time delay coupled Josephson junctions, Asian Journal of Mathematics and Computer Research, v.12, issue 4, pp. 306-315, 2016.

Membership with international and foreign scientific organizations 1. American Physical Society

2. EU FP Marie Curie Fellow Association

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Main place of work and its address Institute of Physics of ANAS, H.Javid Avenue 131, AZ1143, Baku 
Position Head of lab. 
Office phone (+994 12) 5372149
Mobile (+994 50) 6315597 
Home phone (+994 12) 4976854 
Fax (+994 12) 5395961