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Hajiyev Ahmed Mahammad oglu
Place of birth Jabrail, Azerbaijan
Date of birth 1950
Education Faculty of Physics, Azerbaijan State University
Scientific degree Doctor of Sciences 
Title Professor     

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High time resolution X-ray diffraction studies of myosin cross-bridges dynamics during muscle contraction 

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Structural change dynamics of myosin-containing filaments during muscle contraction (X-ray studies using synchrotron radiation) 

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Basic scientific achievements 1.In the group of russian scientists, the method of high time resolution X-ray diffraction for study a dynamics of structural changes during the process of biological function has been created with use of synchrotron radiation. This method was successfully applied to study of structural bases of muscle contraction mechanism.

2.An experimental and theoretical data were obtained for molecular structural and biochemical substantiation of nonstereospecific interaction between actin and myosin.

3.With studies of brain and visual structures, fundamental base was developed for free radical mechanism conception in realization of nonionizing electromagnetic radiation effects on living organism.

4.Adaptive changes of antioxidant defence system in skeletal muscles revealed during physical training of organism and shown that these changes   depended on both muscle type and subcellular affiliation of antioxidants. 
Names of scientific works 1.Interpretation of the diffraction picture of a skeletal muscle during the active phase of contraction.Mol Biol (Mosk).1984 May-Jun;18(3):792-7(in Russian, abstract in English)

2.Detection of the dynamic structure during isometric contraction of skeletal muscle. Dok

lAkad Nauk SSSR 

1984;274(4):941-5 (in Russian)

3.Studies on the muscle structure during contraction initiated by pairwise stimulation (new results). 

Nuclear Instruments & Methods in Physics Research, 1989, v. A282, pp. 502-505

4.The use of time-resolved X-ray diffraction and sample techniques for studying the muscle structure during relaxation.

Nuclear Instruments & Methods in Physics Research, 1995, v. A359, pp. 210-215

5.Status of method of time-resolved X-ray diffraction studies of biological objects at the Siberian SR Centre.

Nuclear Instruments & Methods in Physics Research, 2000, V. A448, pp. 245-249

6.Pro- and antioxidant effect of electromagnetic fields of extremely high frequency (460 MHz) on brain tissues in experiment F

izioter Vopr Kurortol


Lech Fiz Kult. 2004 Mar-Apr;(2):19-23.Influence of (460MHz) electromagnetic fields on the induced lipid peroxidation in the structures of visual analyzer and hypothalamus in experimental animals.

Vopr Kurortol Fizioter Lech Fiz Kult.

2005 Sep-Oct;(5):17-20.

7.Modification of experimental oxidative stress in lens tissues under effect of 460 MHz electromagnetic radiation.

Fiziotherap., Balneol., Reabilit., Moscow, 2009, No 2, p.10-13 (in Russian, abstract in English)

8.The influence of acute and chronic physical exercise on lipid peroxidation intensity and antioxidant enzymes’ activity in muscles and liver. Proceedings of the Georgian National Academy of Sciences. Biomedical Series,

2010, v.36, No 5-6, p.325-332 (in Russian, abstract in English)

9.The effect of aerobic exercise on HbA1c values in Type 2 diabetes patients.

Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness, 2010, v.50, p.501-505

10.On nature of slow component of body oxygen consumption at intensive physical loads.

Teor. Prakt. Fiz. Kult. Sport(Mosk), 2012, No 1, p.15-20 (in Russian, abstract in English)
Membership with international and foreign scientific organizations 1.Society of Azerbaijan Physiologists.

2.Biophysics Society of Azerbaijan

Society of Molecular Biologists and Biochemists of Azerbaijan
Pedagogical activity Lecturer  in Sport Biochemistry and Biophysics at StateAcademy of Physical Culture and Sport, BakuSupervisor of 5 Masters and 8 PhD students
Other activities  
Awards and prizes Diploma of Presidium of ANAS, 2010 
Main place of work and its address A.I.Karayev Institute of Physiology of ANAS,  Baku AZ1100, Sharifzade 2
Position Head of Cell Biophysics Laboratory 
Office phone (+99412) 4323387
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