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Hashimova Ulduz Faizi gizi
Place of birth Shamakha, Azerbaijan
Date of birth 05.12.1951  
Education Azerbaijan State Medical University
Scientific degree Doctor of Biological Sciences   
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Anthropological Characteristics of the Modern Population of Azerbaijan with a special reference to its ethnogenesis

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Variability of Human Morphological and Functional Features in Modern Environmental Conditions  

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Basic scientific achievements Conceptually designed and coordinated the multidisciplinary research projects in the field of environmental health and toxicology.Engaged cooperation of national research institutions for the development and testing of innovative approach to the environmental quality assessment on the basis of bilateral asymmetry studies.Put forward the hypothesis and explored the possibility of using the system of finger dermatoglyphics as a model of structural organization of human brain hemispheres. 
Names of scientific works Prospects of Studies of Dermatoglyphical Asymmetry in Humans: System of Finger Dermatoglyphics as Model of Brain Hemisphere Structural Organization (Russian)// Biomedicine 2/2003. ISBN 9952-8027-0-6. P14-20Environmental Management for Sustainable Human Development // Core Curriculum and Brief Content of Courses. Western University- Mississippi Valley State University Link Project. 2005. 150p. Available at Ecotourism and the National Park System in Azerbaijan // Proceedings, Working Group Reports and Recommendations of Symposium. 2004. Baku Azerbaijan. Available at: Asymmetry as Indicator of Genomic Risk in Offspring of Families with Chronic Alcoholism // J. Drug c 
Membership with international and foreign scientific organizations
  • Biomedicine - member of Editorial Board
  • Metabolism  - member of Editorial Board
  • UNDP Human Development Reports – member of the Country Team for Azerbaijan; 
  • UNESCO Man & Biosphere (MAB) Committee – member of the National MAB Committee;
  • International Society for the Study of Xenobiotics (ISSX), USA – member;
  • The Soviet–US Academic Cooperation Project on Longevity (Moscow) – member of the Steering Committee;
  • Black Sea Economic Cooperation Organization (BSEC), Turkey – member of WG on Science and Technology;
  • Health, Demographic Change and Wellbeing, Horizon 2020- National Contact Point
Pedagogical activity Post Graduate Programmes, Dean - Western University
Other activities Participation in the programmes and projects of International organizations 
Awards and prizes Diploma and medal of Azerbaijan "Bilik" (Knowledge) Society, in recognition of personal contribution to the national education and science 
Main place of work and its address Institute of Physiology n.a. A.I.Qaraev, Azerbaijan NAS Baku AZ1100, Sharifzade str., 2,
Position General director
Office phone (+994 12) 4321520/ 5100140
Mobile (+994 50) 2406393
Home phone (+994 12) 5979171
Fax (+994 12) 4326768