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Ibrahimov Hikmet Jamal oglu
Place of birth Nakhchivan city
Date of birth 19.09.1951
Education Azerbaijan State University
Scientific degree Doctor of technical sciences 

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Chemistry of high molecular compounds

Polimerization of three or four components of ethylene, propylene, hexane -1 and dicyclopentadiene

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Preparation of new complex processing schemes of pyrolysis liquid products

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Number of patents and certificates of authorship 22

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Basic scientific achievements

Since 1973 he studied the synthesis and modification problems of ethylene-propylene rubber in the "Elastomers" laboratory of All-Union Scientific Research Institute. After familiarization with the works about the synthesis of ethylene-propylene rubber and its modification under the supervision of Nadir Seyidov at the laboratory, he started scientific researches for improving the properties of ethylene-propylene rubber and proved by scientific evidences effective results are obtained by using hexane-1 as a modifier. He identified that adding 10-15% hexane-1 to liquid phase provides major changes in ethylene-propylene rubber and increases vulcanization rate by 15-20 times.

Since 1980 H.J. Ibrahimov studied dimerization, polymerization and alkylation processes, made wide researches in exploration of the structure and physical-chemical properties of elastomers and polyethylene. He found out that the properties of polymers mainly depends on from their molecular mass distribution. In particular bimodal nature of molecular mass distribution of ethylene-propylene-hexenes common polymer of leads its properties to be higher quality than required. In his articles published in the "High molecular compounds" journal doing researches of fractionation of polyethylene and its physical properties, theoretical calculations on direct relationship between the molecular mass and glass forming temperature, and the correspondence of obtained values to experimental conclusions.

During 1992-1998 years one of the research works performed by H.J.Ibrahimov was about synthesis of new, effective and selective heterogeneous catalysts for dimerization of α-methyl styrene. It was found that by the modification of natural zeolites with mineral acids it is possible to synthesize the catalyst for this system. With the presented catalysts conversion was 60-70%, for liquid dimer the selectivity was 97-98%. Technological scheme of process working in permanent regime was prepared and oil obtained at half industrial installation was successfully tested as liquid for power condensers in the Ust –Kameneqorsk city.

Since 1998 scientific researches studies of H.J. Ibrahimov, was directed to the synthesis of new catalytic complexes based on aluminium and chlorinated hydrocarbons, preparation of useful processing technologies of liquid products of pyrolyses obtained as a derivative product at the heavy oil and EP-300 complex, under the supervision of academician M. Rustamov. With his participation the scientific foundations of obtaining synthesized catalytic complexes were given, and the production of catalytic complexes in the installations "Azerkimya" Foundation was organized. New multifunctional catalytic complex was synthesed based on domestic, raw materials and this was performed with minimum financial expenditures on equipment available in the industry. With participation of this catalytic complex industry installation having 2,5 t/hour productivity, working at permanent regime was formed at the "Synhesis rubber" plant, 10 thousand tons of pyrolysis condensate was processed by the new technology scheme and over 500 ton ethylbenzene was obtained from alkylation of refined benzene fraction with ethylene in the industry.

It was shown that after the processing on the industry installation which is working at permanent regime, unsaturation in pyrolysis condensate drops from 32% to 0,7% and it allows to synthesized for aromatic hydrocarbons at atmospheric pressure without using the hydrogenation process widely practiced in the world. During the processing of pyrolysis condensate and its fractions, besides aromatic hydrocarbons the oil polymer resin obtained as a by product is used as a cover and addition to bitumen in polis-dye industry, modified with oil polymer resin is tested as a road cover on the automobile roads of Baku city. The advantage of the process presented by H.J.Ibrahimov is that after the processing the benzene fraction can be separated and used in alkylation process. Industrial tests performed in the " Active surface subtances" plant proved the high activity of the catalytic complex. For that original changes were carried out on the benzene alkylation installation with ethylene, the synthesis of ethylbenzene with 34-38% yield with less consumption of catalytic complex was achieved.

H.J.Ibrahimovs recent scientific activity was focused on the prepation of new processes using achievements of of nanotechnologies in oil refinery and petrochemical fields. He did research works on obtaining nanocarbon fibers and tubes by the pyrolysis of catalytic systems obtained based on oil products and chlorohydrocarbons. He also achieved the synthesis of new catalytic systems which were able to hold metals on its nanotubes in "in situ" regime after introduction of metal compounds during obtaining catalytic complex and guiding it to pyrolysis.

Multiple bores nanocarbon tubes was synthesized using transition metal compounds based on pyrolysis resin, their structure was proven by the most modern physical equipment. The articles about research works on obtaining nanoparticles were published in the high ranked Germany and US journals.

Since 2011 H.J.Ibrahimov holds deputy director position in the institute of Petrochemical Processes, ANAS. He actively participates in defining the subjects of scientific research works performed in the institute, in preparation of technical documents and different Grants.

Under his supervision scientific-technical programmer prepared on the problem about "Reduction of the amount of heat effect generating gases emitted to atmosphere and the preparation of feasible refinery technologies for this gases " was sponsored by ANAS since 2012.

Names of scientific works

1. Seidov N.M., Rustamov M.I.,Ibrahimov H.D., Zeynalov E.B., Fredrich J.F. Two-step syntesis of nano-structured carbon phase // “Materials Testing (Materials and Components,Technology and Application) section Nanotechnology and Polymer Materials, 2011,53, 4, p. 211-213

2. İbrahimov H.C., Friedrich J.F., Ismailov E.H., Zeynalov E.B., Aliyeva A.Z., Seidov N.M., Rustamov M.I. Thermal and magnetic peculiarities of metal-containing carbon nano-phase formed in the reaction of fine-dispersed aluminium with dichlorethane in paraffin medium // Journal of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering (A), USA, 2012, 2. p.196-202

3. Abdullayev Elshad, Abbasov Vagif, Tursunbayeva Asel, Portnov Vasiliy, Ibrahimov Hikmat, Mukhtarova Gulbaniz, Lvov Yuri, Self-Healing Coatings Based on Halloysite Clay Polymer Composites for Protection of Copper Alloys // ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, 2013, 5 (10), pp.4464–4471

4. Ibragimov H. J., Gasimova K. M., Ibragimova Z. M., Gasimova G. F. Synthesis of petroleum polymer resin by catalytic polymerization of pyrocondensate and its fractions // American Chemical Science Journal, 4(1), 2014, pp.82-96

5. Abbasov V. M., Ibrahimov H.C., Mukhtarova G.S. Hydrocracking of Goudron in the Presence of a Suspended Natural Catalyst // Journal of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, USA, v.8, 2014.

Membership with international and foreign scientific organizations

1. H.C.Ibrahimov was sent to the "Nanotechnologies" center and Rostok University situated in the Munster city of Germany and for cooperation Protocol was signed for joint researches in this direction.

2. Hikmet Ibrahimov is a member of the Expert Council on optimization of oil-gas refining and petrochemical complex under the State Oil Company and joint commission of Tataristan and Azerbaijan.

Pedagogical activity

The teacher at the school №107 in Sabunchu district (1996-2001years).

Supervisor of graduation specialized scientific works in the Baku sector of Moscow University (2011-2013 years).

Other activities

- He is a member of the Scientific Council, the Specialized Defence Council of IPCP and the head of the Scientific Seminar attached to it (since 2011).

- He is a member of editorial staff of the popular-scientific journals as "Petrochemical and oil refining processes"(since 2011), "Problems of chemistry" (since 2010) and the journal of ANAS "World of science"(since 2013).

- He actively participates in defining the subjects of scientific research works performed in the institute, in preparation of technical documents and different Grants.

- Under his supervision scientific-technical programmer prepared on the problem about "Reduction of the amount of heat effect generating gases emitted to atmosphere and the preparation of feasible refinery technologies for this gases " was sponsored by ANAS since 2012.

Awards and prizes

1. "Progress" medal -2009

2. Honorary decree of Presidium of ANAS-2011

Main place of work and its address Institute of Petrochemical Processes, Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, Khojaly Ave. 30, Baku, Azerbaijan
Position Deputy director in the institute of Petrochemical Processes, the laboratory manager in the "Catalytic cracking and pyrolysis" laboratory.  
Office phone (+994 12) 4895086
Mobile (+994 50) 2297758
Home phone (+994 12) 4298447