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Hajili Raig Ali oglu
Place of birth Nakhichevan, Azerbaijan Republic
Date of birth 13.04.1940
Education Azerbaijan State Pedagogical Institute
Scientific degree Doctor of Chemistry 
Title Professor 

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Organic chemistry

Investigation of acylation reaction of allyl chloride and some conversions of preparing 3-chloropropenyl alkyl ketones”

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Organic chemistry

Synthesis and properties of polyfunctional ketones and preparation of nitrogen-containing heterocyclic compounds on their basis

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33 certificates of authorship, 9 patents 

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Basic scientific achievements By acylation of halogen-containing hydrocarbons of allyl and propargyl series with chloranhydrides of carboxylic acids the preparative method of preparation of 3-halogen- and 2,3-dihalogen propenyl ketones has been developed. The configuration and conformation of the synthesized ketones have been established. The general principles of synthesis of structural analogs of biologically active heterocyclic compounds on the basis of the synthesized ketones have been studied and there have been developed the efficient methods of preparation of derivatives of pyrrole, pyrazole and isoxazole, nicotinic acid and other compounds which contain the various functional and pharmacophore groups in its molecules. The directed conversions of the synthesized compounds have been studied; new derivatives of heterocyclic compounds and also condensed heterocyclic compounds have been studied.

The synthesized compounds show an anticoagulant, fungicide, hypotensive and antimicrobial activity.

It has been developed and tested the solid pharmaceutical form of ethyl ether of 2,6-dimethyl-4-morpholinomethyl nicotinic acid which shows antihypoxic, antiaggregant activity and is referred to practically non-toxic compounds (LD50=630 mg/kg.

Names of scientific works

1. Гаджилы Р.А., Гахраманов Р.Ф., Мамедова А.А. и др. Синтез и противомикробная активность 2-алкил-1-[2-хлор(диэтиламино, морфо-лино)метилкарбонилэтокси]пирролов. Хим.-фарм журн. 2010, №8, с.28-31.

2. Поткин В.И., Гаджилы Р.А., Дикусар Е.А. и др. Синтез производных гидроксибензаль-дегидов содержащих изоксазольный гетеро-цикл. ЖОрХ, 2012, т.48, вып.1, с.132-141.

3. Гаджилы Р.А., Федосеев В.М., Наджафова Р.А. и др. Синтез и свойства 1-алкоксикарбо-нилме­тил-2-алкилпирролов. ХГС, 1993, №6, с.769-773.

4.Дикусар Е.А., Поткин В.И., Гаджилы Р.А. и др. Синтез и изучение фунгицидной активности аминовых солей глицирризиновой кислоты. Хим.растител.сырья, 2011, №4, с.53-56.

5. Гаджилы Р.А., Поткин В.И., Алиев А.Г. и др. Взаимодействие 3-алкил (арил)-5-хлорме-тилизоксазолов с нуклеофильными реагентами. ЖОрХ, 2011, т.47, вып.10, с.1504-1507.

6. Гаджилы Р.А., Алиев А.Г., Наджафова Р.А., Ибрагимов Р.И. Взаимодействие 2-гало-ген-3-хлорпропенилкетонов с этиловым эфиром β-аминокротоновой кислоты. //ХГС. 2005. №8. с. 1184-1188

7. Дикусар Е.А., Гаджилы Р.А., Поткин В.И. и др. Синтез функционально замещенных изоксазолсодержащих бензальдегидов ванилинового ряда и их азометинов. ЖОрХ, 2013, т.49, вып.10, с.1537-1542.

Membership with international and foreign scientific organizations  Member of Council of experts on chemical sciences of High Attestation Commission under the President of Azerbaijan Republic
Pedagogical activity  Nakhichevan agricultural technical school, teacher of general chemistry – 3 years
Other activities  
Awards and prizes

Honorary diploma of ANAS

Main place of work and its address Institute of Polymer Materials, AZ5004, Sumgait, S.Vurgun Str.124
Position Head of laboratory
Office phone (+994 18) 6446645
Mobile (+994 55) 7061613
Home phone (+994 12) 5309282
Fax (+994 18) 6420400