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"Nafta" Scientific-production association
Address   Azerbaijan Republic, Baku city, Khazar street 25, AZ126  


(+994 12) 4244947 
Director Adam Gasim oglu Guluzadeh

PhD in Chemistry

Tel.: (+994 12) 4244947

Mob: (+994 50) 3153138

Lead Engineer  Alam Gulmamed oglu Aliyev

PhD in Chemistry

Tel: (+994 12) 4244047

Mob: (+994 50) 6116045

Establishment history Science-Production union was established on 29.03.2016. 
Main activity directions  The main fields of scientific and technical activities of the organization consist of the following directions: develop new technologies related with crude oil  refining and petro-chemistry, the development of advanced technologies in the field of petrochemicals production processes, the preparation of the of project engineering and technical documents for the construction of new facilities both experimental installations of the new technological processes and their applications in industry.
Total number of employees 8
Main scientific achievements  Developed the process technology of the de-aromatization process of White Spirit with using extractive solvent.  Proposed new extraction solvent for removing of naphthenic acids from distillates refined from Baku Crude oils. Distillates naphthenic acids extracted from Baku crudes that can be recovered to the proposed extracting.The pilot version of naphthenic acid extraction of Baku Oil Refinery Plant named Heydar Aliyev has been prepared.Extraction solvent has been tested by using the pilot plant for understanding effectiveness of the extracting application. implementation procedure of the new technological process in the Baku Oil Refinery Plant named Heydar Aliyev is in process of preparation.  The regeneration process of the solvent has been prepared and the naphthenic acids extracted by using the technological process is well suited for export. 
PR responsible person Adam Gasim oglu Guluzadeh