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Department of Scientific Heritage
Address  117, av. H.Cavid, Baku 
Phone (+994 12) 5387116
Fax (+994 12) 4371772
Chief  Hajiyeva Zemfira Ali gizi

(+994 12) 4371772, 5387116


Aliyarli Nargiz Aydin gizi

deputy head of department

Tel .: (+994 12) 5387120


Jalilova Solmaz Jalil gizi

Senior Specialist

Hamidov Nofal Iskender oglu

Senior Specialist

Rasulova Milana Aydinovna

Senior Specialist

Hasanova Sevinj Nizami gizi

Senior Specialist

Abasova Nurana Tahir gizi

Leading Specialist

Activity directions  To carry out its activities, the Center has the following functions:

1. Takes for state storage permanent and long-term documents submitted by scientific institutions and organizations ANAS; eliminates documents that have lost their practical significance after the approval of an act;

2. Conducts scientific examination of documents that have particular importance, and prepares them for publication;

3. Organizes the work of an expert screening committee and on the basis of its conclusion creates personal funds of outstanding scholars;

4. According to the established rules, issues archival information on requests received from research institutions and organizations, researchers, and citizens residing in foreign countries;

5. Based on innovation, improves the archival work, research activities, submits rational proposals to the Presidium of ANAS;

6. Under the current legislation, carries out the other functions and instructions of the leadership of ANAS

Doctors of sciences