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Institute of Petrochemical Processes named after Academician Yusif Mammadaliyev





AZ1025, 30, Khojali pr., Baku, Azerbaijan Republic


(+994 12) 4902476


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General director

Academician Vagif Maharram oglu Abbasov

Office phone: (+994 12) 4902476; (+994 12)4903703

Mob.:(+994 50) 3136240

Fax:(+994 12)4903520


Deputy directors

Tarana Aslan gizi Mammadova

PhD in Technology

Mob.: (+994 50) 4735085


Hikmat Jamal oglu Ibrahimov

Doctor of Technical Sciences

Office phone: (+994 12) 4895086

Mob.: (+994 50) 2297758


Nazim-Hikmat Saleh oglu Asadov

PhD in chemistry

Office phone: (+994 12) 4902625

Mob.: (+994 50) 3777760

Fax: (+994 12) 4903520


Scientific secretary

Establishment history In 1920 was organized Central Chemical Laboratory attached to the “Azneft” unity and on the bases of it in 1929 was organized Azerbaijan Petroleum Research Institute (AzPRI). This date is considered the establishing history of IPCP.

In 1959 by initiative of Y.H.Mammadaliyev was organized the Institute of Petrochemical Processes within the Academy of Sciences on the bases of  AzPRI, Azerbaijan Scientific - Research Institute of Oil Refining and several laboratories of Chemical Institute of Azerbaijan Academy of Sciences.  

The newly established institute has become leading scientific center in republic and country. And in 1962 the institute was named after Y.H.Mammadaliyev.

At different times the directors of the Institute were:

academician M.F.Nagıyev - (1959-1962),

academician V.S.Aliyev - (1962-1987),

academician M.I.Rustamov - (1987-2011),

From 2011 to the present time Institute is headed by correspondent member of ANAS, Doctor of Chemical Science, Professor V.M. Abbasov.
Basic activity directions  Investigation of the Azerbaijanian oils and development of the scientific basis of their efficient processing in order to obtain new fuels and oils, creation of new technologies for oil refinery and petrochemistry, catalysts of different purpose reagents (corrosion, salt deposition inhibitors, deemulgators, oil skimmer substances, etc.), conducting fundamental research in the field of catalysis, organic and physical chemistry, petrochemical synthesis, development of the perspective complex schemes on develop of Azerbaijan's oil refining and petrochemical complexes.
Main scientific achievements  Oils of Azerbaijan offshore oil fields have been investigated, scientific basis of efficient processing technologies have been developed that provides obtain their perspective jet and diesel fuels, motor gasolines and lubricants.

New modifications of complex catalysts has been created on the basis of metallic aluminum and haloid alkyles, developed of the complex schemes of processing of liquid products of pyrolysis process that provide to obtain naphthalene, toluene-xylene fractions, benzene, ethylbenzene and other useful products by using them and was applied Sumgait “SK” refinery.

Obtaining technology of  oxygen additions for motor gasoline have been developed on the basis of mono and diatomic alcohols and fractions boiling at low temperatures that obtained from catalytic cracking, coking and pyrolysis processes by using zeolite-containing catalysts. As well as producing technology of ethyl-tertiary-butyl ether was implemented at Tural-110 firm in Sumgait.

The new homogeneous catalysts of compounds of zirconium, nickel, cobalt, molybdenum, etc. transition metals for processes of oxidation, oligomerization and polymerization of hydrocarbons are established. The methods of obtaining a new hybridized reactive-capable oligomers, new types of acrylate monomers, bactericides, systemic herbicides, odoriferous substances and etc. small tonnage products are developed. On the base of the local raw materials are developed and implemented in the production the technology of reagents and chemicals (inhibitors, demulsifiers, foaming agents, solvents, etc.) using in the oil and petrochemical industry. The technology of the deasphalting of oil and its heavy residues by the method of supercritical extraction by using carbon dioxide has been developed. The researches on towards of creating the ecologically no detrimental ionic-liquid technology for the processes of petrochemical and oil refining are conducted. The new thermotropic ion liquid extractants for purification oil fractions of aromatic compounds are developed. The concept of development of oil and gas refining and petrochemical industries are developed.

The merits of the Institute and its employees are highly appreciated by the leaders of the republic. 10 works of the institute were awarded the State Prize of the USSR and Azerbaijan. More than 60 awards, medals, diplomas and etc. have been received over the past 20 years. Among them we can note the following awards:

In 2002 (academician M.I.Rustamov), in 2006 (akademician M.A.Mammadyarov), in 2009 (Corres-ponding Member of ANAS V.M.Abbasov) were awarded with the medals and diplomas of Economic Cooperation Organization;

In 2005 IPCP was awarded with the prize of the Islamic Development Bank;

The 15 scientists of the Institute were awarded with honorary titles of the “Honored Worker of Science of Azerbaijan” and “Honored Worker of Science and Technology”;

The 9 people were awarded with the medals named after of academician Y.H.Mammadaliyev;

In 2002-2005 years the 5 employees of the Institute were awarded with the order of “Glory” of the Republic;

In 2005-2010 years the 11 employees of the institute were awarded with the medals of “Taraggi” (Progress);

In 2004, 2005, 2012 years the 3 scientists of the institute were awarded with the personal presidential scholarships;

In 2000, 2005, 2007, 2009 years the 4 scientists were awarded with the title of “Honored Teacher”;

In 2005, 2009 years the 3 employees were awarded with the title of “Honored Engineer”.

In 2009 the correspondent member of ANAS V.M.Abbasov was awarded with the prize of the European Business Assembly.

In 2009 the correspondent member of ANAS A.H.Azizov was awarded with the title of “Honored Scientist”.

In 2009 the correspondent member of ANAS F.I.Samedova was awarded with memorial medal of the 130th anniversary of Emmanuel Nobel and in 2012 was elected the member of the expert council of the International Business Club and was awarded with the medal of A.Gumbolt.

In 2013 the correspondent member of ANAS V.M.Abbasov was awarded:

-         with the honorary title of «The Name in Science»;

-    with the medal of “Glory” of the International Committee of Socrates (England);

-          with the International Gold Medal (Ankara, Turkey);

-          with the main Golden Knight's Star (Germany).

-       elected the foreign member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences;

-          elected an active member of the European Academy of Natural Sciences;

In 2013 the correspondent member of ANAS A.H.Azizov was awarded with the Honorary Diploma the Presidium of ANAS.

In 2014 the correspondent member of ANAS V.M.Abbasov was awarded with the International Award of Ataturk.


The works applied and intended for application are followings:

1.Organization of high – octane gasoline production (Oil – refining factory, Baku) – 1942.

2. Process of obtaining high – octane component for aviation petrol – cumene (Oil – refining factories, Baku and USSR) – 1946.

3. For the first time in the USSR the organization of production of thermostable aviation fuels T-1 (1947) and T- 5 (1951) on the base of Baku oil (Oil - refining factories, Baku and USSR)

4. For the first time in the USSR additive-depressor lowering temperature of freezing of lubricating oils (Oil – refining factories, Baku and USSR) – 1948.

5. Modernization of plant units and intensification of thermal cracking process (Oil – refining factory, Baku) – 1948.

6. New kind of additive – depressor to lubricating oils (Oil – refining factories, Baku and USSR) – 1951.

7. For the first time in the USSR catalytic cracking process with “fluidized bed” of finely – dispersed catalyst was implemented at units 1Б (1953), 1A, 1A/1M (1957 – 1961) (Oil - refining factories, Baku, Ryazan, Yaroslavl, Ufa, Poland, Romania);

8. For the first time in USSR progressive technological schemes and constructions of reactors with ascending through and semi-through streams of catalyst – 1960.

9. First in the world unit for burning and reduction of alunite in the “fluidized bed” with the purpose of obtaining aluminum oxide (Ganja city) – 1966

10. Butadiene – styrene oligomer – a film – former and a binding composition (ITF, IPCP) – 1968-1970.

11. Technology of obtaining low freezing transformer oil for electro – conducting lines of the highest tension (1970), compressor K – 12, K – 19 (1999),AK-15 (2002)and turbine oil T – 46 (2008),(Oil – refining factory, Baku);

12. Plasticizer – stabilizer for electric industry (EPST - 1) – 1970.

13. Oligo-divinyl-styrene (ODS) lacquer-1970 – 1988.

14. Plasticizers of “Plastiazan” type for PVC – 1972.

15. Process of obtaining non – ethylated high – octane petrol AI – 93 directly in catalytic cracking process (Baku oil – refining factory named after H.Aliyev) – 1975 – 1980.

16. For the first time in USSR process of dewaxing diesel fuels and low – viscous oils (Oil – refining factories, Baku, Moscow, Ufa, Novokuybishevsk, Syzran, Volgograd) – 1976.

17. Drying agent OA – 1 (1976), oligopolymeric compositions (1977), surface – active substances (1978), oiling materials for lubricating natural and fur leathers (1983) (Factory of Domestic Conditioners, Volqodonsk Chemical Enterprise);

18. Obtaining alpha – naphthol of high - degree purity (ITF, IPCP) - 1976 – 1982.

19. Hardener of epoxide compositions and ecologically – harmless substitute of industrial dibutyl (octyl) phthalate plasticizers of polyvinyl chloride compositions – 1978 – 1985.

20. Process of two – step catalytic cracking of petroleum feedstock  with application of developed reactor systems with “ascending” and “semi - through” streams of catalyst (Oil – refining factory, Baku) – 1980.

21. Process of obtaining benzene through platforming of petrol fractions of petroleum and gas condensates (Sumgait Petrochemical Enterprise) – 1980.

22. Superplasticizer “40 - 03” for concrete mixtures developed together with VNII JB, Association “Polymode” (Novomoscovsk), factory “Orgsintez” (Moscow) - (1980 - 1990);

23. New synthetic fragrant substances – ketones (1980 - 1981), lactones (1987 – 1988) – Perfumery – cosmetic Factory “Effect”, Kharkov and VNIISN DV, Kaluga.

24. Process of dehydrogenation of butane in “fluidized bed” (Synthetic Rubber Factories, Sumgait and Sterlitamak)- 1980-1981.

25. Method of obtaining petroleum – polymer resin “Arien” – 1984 – 1986.

26. “STANAZ” (nickel O,O – diphenyl dithiophosphate) polyfunctional stabilizer for polyolefins – 1984 – 1986.

27. Process of obtaining petroleum-polymer resin based on C8-C9 fractions of pyrocondensate (“Neftgaz” and “Slantsi” Oil-refining factories, Baku and Leningrad region) 1985-1990.

28. New eco-bio-technology of influence on petroleum layers (PGPA of Azerbaijan) – 1984-2011.

29. In 1983 was created polyfunctional corrosion and scale inhibitor «VFIKS-82» that by the decision of the USSR Oil Industry Ministry accepted for the implementation and its trial manufacture has been organized. The inhibitor is used in oil-producing enterprises of Russian Federation, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan. In 1986 was developed winter modification of this inhibitor - “Inhibitor-Azeri”. Russian Federation bought the obtaining technology of this inhibitor together with the license. The industrial unit with a capacity of 20 000 tons has given to the exploitation (Meleuz city, Bashkiria). In 1988-2013 in oil-producing enterprises of Russia, Ukraine and Turkmenistan were produced “Azeri” inhibitor of 26454 tons.

30. New highly - efficient catalyst (6A-24) for the process of dehydrogenation of C4-C5 parafin (“Organic Synthesis” Production Association, Sumgait) 1986-1987.

31.Hardening lubricating oil based on modified fenolformaldehyde resin for cutting and grinding instruments (Production Association “Kamaz”, Production Association of Aviation Plant (Perm), Helicopter Plant (Kazan), Instrument – making (Ganja), Factory of domestic conditioners (Baku) and others) - 1987-1988.

32. Water-soluble polymers for displacement of petroleum from layers – 1987-1992.

33. “Shirvanol” petroleum luminophores as penetrants for capillary defectoscopy (ATOMMASH, Leningrad and TYAZHMASH, Moscow) - 1988-1990.

34. Reagent for isolation of water-absorbing layers during drilling - 1987-1992.

35. In 1992 was created tanning agent “BEPIKOR”, that has no analogue in the world. In 1993 was produced the given substance of 24 tons. “BEPIKOR” is trial tested (underwent the trial tests) in the “Gunder Deri” plant in Turkey and accepted to the implementation.  

36. Antioxidants for various polymeric materials – 1987.

37. Method of obtaining linear a-olefin fractions from ethylene (Firm SABIC of Saudi Arabia) - 1988-2005.

38. Single-stage technology of obtaining high-quality synthetic lubricating oil from ethylene – 1989.

39. Catalysts for obtaining 1,4- cispolybutadiene with high contents of 1,2- layers – 1989.

40. Technology of production of high-octane additives based on butene-butylene fractions, light secondary petrols and ethers – 1989.

41. In the former USSRwas developed the catalytic cracking complex of new generationГ-43-107by the institute together with VNIINP, GrozNII, Grozgiproneftekhim (Грозгипронефтехим). The units Г-43-107were built in cities Moscow, Lysychansk, Angarsk, Ufa, Grozny, Pavlodar, Burgas (Bulgaria), Mazeikiai and Baku. In the Baku OR named after H.Aliyev this unit also operates at the moment - 1990.

42.Promotors of CO oxidation to CO2 in the process of regeneration of coked catalyst of cracking – 1990.

43.Technology of production of cyclopentene, cyclopentadiene and norbornene from pyrolysis fraction C5 – 1991.

44. Technology of obtaining base oil M-8, M-8B, M-10G2 using processes of: dewaxing, selective purification and deasphalting (Oil-refining factory, Baku) -1994.

45. New functional nickel-containing catalytic systems and process of obtaining stereoregular polybutadiene rubbers (Synthetic Rubber Plant, town of  C.Yefremov, Russian Federation) – 1994 – 1997.

46. In 1995 was created corrosion inhibitor “KASPIY-X” that has no analogue in the world, has organized trial manufacture of the given inhibitor. At present is applied in Baku oil-refining plant of H.ALiyevand in OR “AZER-NEFTYAG”. In 1995-2014 (April) has been produced inhibitor “KASPIY-X” of 15456 tons.

47. Method of obtaining base product of hydraulic liquid (ITF, IPCP) - 1996-1997.

48. In 1977 was created paraffin-decomposition inhibitor “PARKORIN-1” that tested and applied in oil industry of Azerbaijan.

49. Perspective integrated schemes of stepwise development of fuel and oil industry of Azerbaijan (Baku oil-refining factory after H.Aliyev- 1997; “Azerneftyag”- 1988).

50. Asphalt-concrete mixture – 1998.

51. In 1998 was created de-emulsifier “Khazar” and from this year is used in BOR named after H.Aliyev. During the period of 1998-2014 (April) was produced and used de-emulsifier of 2748 tons.

52.In 1998 was developed and begun using of compositions for scaling “BAKI”. In 1998-2014 (April) was produced reagent of 63,5 tons.

53. In 2000 was organized trial manufacture of corrosion inhibitor “KASPIY” and begun its applying in BOR named after H.Aliyev. In 2000-2014 (April) was produced and used “KASPIY” inhibitor of 120 tons.

54. In 2000 was developed and accepted the application of the foaming agent “NKPI-34-2” for fire-fighting that resistant to sea- and fresh water. “NKPI-34-2” of 360 tons was produced and used till April 2014.

55. Technology of production of semisynthetic oil of high viscosity-index - 2000-2005.

56. Highly - efficient modifications of new catalytic complex based on metallic aluminium and alkyl halides for combined refining processes of liquid products of pyrolysis with obtaining of benzene, ethyl benzene, petroleum-polymer resin, naphtalene and others (“Azerkimya”, Symgait) – 2001-2002.

57. Development of complex scheme of refining liquid pyrolysis products using new catalytic system (CTC) (“Rubber Synthesis” and “Surfactands” factory, Sumgait) – 2002.

58. Petroleum-collecting and dispersing composition – 2002.

59. New technology of obtaining diesel fuel “Euro-2” with low - sulphur-contents (below 0.003% mas) using hydropurification process (Baku Oil-refining Factory after H.Aliyev) – 2004.

60. Development and implementation of alternative technology for separation of petroleum from water, salt, technical admixtures and others (Production Association “Azerneftyag”) - 2006-2012.

61. Technology of production of industrial oils И-8A, И-12А, И-30A, И-40А (Oil – Refining Factory “Azerneftyag”) – 2001-2013.

62. Production of DT fuel for low – and average turnover motor (Oil – Refining Factory “Azerneftyag”)– 2006-2012.

63. Technology of production of base motor oil M-12 from mixture of crude oil from “Neft Dashlary” and “Guneshly” oil fields (Production Association “Azerneftyag”) – 2008.

64. In 2011 was created inhibitor-bactericide “KHAZAR” (VFIKS-82) that used in oil industries of SOCAR in systems of water supply to the layers.

65. In 2009 was created corrosion inhibitor “KASPIY-X (M)” and accepted for using in BOR named after H.Aliyev for protection from corrosion of chemically purified systems of water supply. In the period of 2009-2014(April) was produced and used inhibitor of 2886,2 tons.

66. In 2012-2013 on the basis of light reflux of catalytic cracking gas oil was obtained dry superplasticizer – chemical addition to the concrete mixes. After the conducting of unit reconstruction in the experimental-industrial plant was obtained trial samples of the product.

67. Technology of ecologically-friendly high-quality automobile petrol with a low content of benzene – 2009-2011.

68. New technology of production of ethyl tert-butyl ether on the basis of bioethanol and pyrolysis C4 fraction (“Tural-110 Azerbaijan”) - 2010-2012.

69. Petroleum-solvents “Nefras” (“Open Joint Stock Company of Additives”, Symgait) - 2002-2012.

70. Complex salts pesticide-2-morpholilmethyl-4-methylphenol – 2013 (conducted in experimental-production plant, experimental samples have obtained, currently is conducted wide field tests)

71. New ecologically efficient substances of growth for the plants capable to biological splitting – 2011-2013 (experiments are conducted and recommended for application)

72. Technologies of obtaining of vicinal dicarboxylic acids of esters (in 1990-2013)

73. The new technology of obtaining of biodiesel fuel by cavitational method. In 2012-2013 by cavitational principle the pilot unit is setted up and experimental samples are obtained. 

Total number of employees 585
Structural subdivisions Department of Information and telecommunication
Laboratory of "Integrated oil refining and technical - economical substantiation"
Laboratory of modeling and optimization
Laboratory of "Study of petroleum and technology of oils obtaining"
Laboratory of "Synthetic oils"
Extraction Group
Department of "Monomers, oligomers and catalysis"
Laboratory of "Surface-active reagents and preparations"
Laboratory of "Functional oligomers"
Laboratory of "Technology of petrochemical processes"
Laboratory of "Heterogeneous catalysis"
Laboratory of "Chemistry and technology of cycloole-fines"
Laboratory of "Alicyclic functional monomers"
Laboratory of "Polymerization catalysis"
Department of "Physical and Physical-Chemical Studies"
Laboratory of "Spectroscopical methods of study of catalysis problems"
Laboratory of "Spectroscopical analysis"
Laboratory of "Analysis of oil and oil refining products"
Laboratory of "Physico - chemical methods of researches"
Department of "Chemistry and technology of petroleum and gas"
Laboratory of "Catalytical cracking and pyrolysis"
Laboratory of "Automobile gasoline"
Laboratory of "Reactive and diesel fuels"
Laboratory of "Renewable resources of fuel "
Laboratory of "Nanotechnologies and nanomaterials"
Department of "Chemistry of multifunctional reagents"
Laboratory of "Corrosion inhibitors and conservation materials"
Laboratory of "Nitrogen-containing compounds"
Laboratory of "Technology of chemical reagents for oil and gas producing and oil refining industry"
Laboratory of Study of antimicrobe reagents and biodamages
Department of Petrochemical synthesis
Laboratory of "Liquid-phase oxidation"
Laboratory of "Alicyclic compounds"
Laboratory of "Polyfunctional complexes and metal-complex compounds"
Laboratory of "Cycloolefins"
Department of "Scientific - technical information"
Laboratory of "Standardization of oil, oil products and metrology"
Patent-licensing research group
Laboratory of "The gathering, analyzing and prognostication of scientific - technical literature"
Printing-publishing group
Synthesis and technology of producing biologically active reagents
Department of Engineering and Designing

Scientific Council:

-       chairman

-       secretary

-       members


Abbasov V.M. 

Saidova A.A. 


Rustamov M.İ.

Ibrahimov H. J

Mammadyarov M. A

Samadova F. İ.

Ismayilov E.H.

Zeynalov E.B.

Alimardanov H. M.

İbrahimova M.J.

Gasımov A. A.

Hasanov A. H.

Huseynova A.J.

Abbasova G.G.

Asger-zade S.M.

Guliyev A.D.

Azizov Al. H.

Mammadov M. K.

Rasulov Ch. G.

Abdullayev E. Sh.

Aliyeva R.V.

Mammadbeyli E. H.

Aliyeva S. G.

Aliyeva L.I.

Hagverdiyev R.B.

Jafarova R.A.

Mammadova T.A.

Aghayev B.K.

Mukhtarova G.S.

Aghamalıyev Z. Z.

Talibov A. H.

Yusifov Y. H.

Guliyeva J. G.

Abasov S. I.

Amiraslanova M.N.

Abdullayeva N. R.

Council of  Young Scientists and Specialists:

-       chairman

-       secretary



-       members


Abdullayeva Narmina Rufət gızı

Cabbarlı Sitara Farman gızı

Rustamov Saxavat Tabriz oglu

Safarli İrana Almas gızı

Jabrayılzade Shabnam Zakir gızı

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Khamiyev Matlab Jahangir oğlu

Guliyev Fuad Vagifovich

Suleymanova Sevda Sabir gızı

Baghırov Zahir Shahin oglu

Gasımova Gulnar Fazil gızı

Mammadova Aygun Malik gızı

Musayeva Nurana Mustafa gızı

Ahmadova Sabina Arif gızı

Dissertation Council

-       chairman

-       deputy chair

-       scientific secretary

-       members


V.M. Abbasov 


M.İ. Rustəmov

M.A. Mammadyarov

V.M. Farzaliyev

F.İ. Samadova

H.J. Ibrahimov

A.A. Gasimov

A.H. Hasanov

A.J. Huseynova

A.İ. Ahmadov

M.R. Bayramov

N.A. Salimova

L.İ. Aliyeva

M.K. Mammadov

G.Z. Huseynov

E.Sh. Abdullayev

A.N. Aghayev

S.M. Asgar-zadeh

Trade Union:

-       chairman

-       deputy chairman

-       secretary

-       bureau members


Aghayeva B.K. 

Mehdiyeva N.A. 

Asadov N.S.

Ismayilova F.P.

Azizov İ.İ.

Mammadov M.K.

Gasimova G.K.

Karimova İ.J.

Mardanov D.A.
PR responsible person Emin Bayramzadeh
Doctors of sciences