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Laboratory of the Solid State Theory
Phone (+994 12) 5392043 
Chief  Corresponding member of ANAS Huseynov Rauf Rustam oglu
Total number of employees 11 
Basic activity directions   High temperature superconductivity, energy spectrum, magnetic and optical properties of low-dimensional systems – semiconductor and magnetic nanostructures and superlattices.   
Main scientific achievements 

1. Ginsburg-Landau theory of the superconductivity was developed and used for the two-band model of high temperature superconductors MgB2.

2. The theory of the high temperature superconductivity was created in the framework of the boson-fermion model.

3. It has been shown that excitonic instability of the electron spectrum of the semiconductor leads to the existence of the new phase – “excitonic insulator”. The theory of transition to this phase was developed and it was shown that this transition was the first type phase transition.

4. The theory of the excitonic spectrum and optic properties of the semiconductor nanostructures – thin films and superlatticies was created. New types of the excitations in these systems were discovered and optic properties of these structures were calculated taking into account new excitations.

5. For the different types of magnetic superlattices spectrum of the spin waves was calculated using the Green functions technique.

6. Mechanism of formation, morphology of magnetite nanoparticles and their distribution function by size has been investigated. The dependence of dielectric permittivity of polymer matrix filled with magnetite nanoparticles on concentration, size of magnetite nanoparticles and magnetic field has been investigated.