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Laboratory of Condensed states and quantum phases
Phone (+994 12) 5392278  
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Chief  Academician Nahmadov Anvar Pirverdi oglu
Total number of employees
Basic activity directions   Investigation effects of randomly distributed impurities on the surface states and surface current in a topological insulator, as well as their effects in a topological superconductor on the critical temperature and Majorana fermions are planned to perform. 
Main scientific achievements  Quasi-one-dimensional structure of superconducting wires is transformed into topological phase in the presence of spin-orbit interaction and external magnetic field . In this case, Majorana fermions, emerging at the end-point of the structure, result in a fractional Josephson current, which flows over the edge of the system.  Dependence of Josephson current on the spin-orbit interaction constant and on the magnetic field is found for a Josephson contact of two topological superconductor separated by delta-like potential barrier.