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Public Relations Department
Phone (+994 12) 493-67-51 (daxili 12 00); (+994 70) 9774778 
Chief  Abbasova Konul Oktay gizi 
Total number of employees  
Basic activity directions  

The main department of "Public Relations" at the Institute of Oil and Gas of ANAS, its function is to regularly inform the public about the research work carried out at the institute. The activity of the Public Relations Department coordinates with the Department of Public Relations and Popularization of Science of the Presidium of ANAS, cooperates with the department.

The department provides organization, regulation and improvement of the Institute's work in the field of mass media and public relations. The department organizes, coordinates and implements public relations at the Institute;

The department provides coverage of the Institute's activities in the media, the release of relevant information about the work done by the Institute to the public, in this regard, press releases, statements, interviews, speeches, etc. prepares. If necessary, the department prepares a response to the untrue information published in the media about the activities of the Institute and takes measures to eliminate distortions. The department organizes and coordinates the speeches of the Institute's management in the media, press conferences, briefings, public meetings and ensures the participation of media representatives in the events held by the Institute. The department participates in the process of preparing information for the official website of the Institute and its pages on social networks and places that information on the sites. The department monitors the materials published in the media on the activities of the Institute and regularly informs the management of the Institute.