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Department of Legal Assurance of State Security
Phone (+994 12) 5372073  
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Aliyev Bakhtyar Abdurahman oglu

Phd in Law

Total number of employees
Basic activity directions   - International terrorism as a network: funding sources, purposes;

- Analysis of the standing of radical religious organizations and extremism toward Azerbaijani state system;

- Investigation of potential resources of religion and exploration of its radical incentives in the Southern and Western regions of Azerbaijan;

- Threats to national security, investigation of new international Armenian terror networks;

- Terrorism as an ecological threat in the South Caucasus (its international legal aspects);

- Cyber terrorism and combat with new threat;

- Political issues of provision of International Information Security (as in example of the Republic of Azerbaijan);

- European Energy Security and Azerbaijan;

- Water reserves of Azerbaijan and possible risks.

Main scientific achievements