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Department of "Scientific - technical information"
Phone (+994 12) 4965145; (+994 12) 4902073  
Fax (+994 12) 4903520  

Chief  Aliyeva Leylufar Imran gizi

Doctor of technical science.  prof. 

Total number of employees 58
Basic activity directions   “Scientific and technical literature collection, analysis, and forecasting” and “Standardization of oil, oil products and metrology” laboratories, Scientific Library, Patent-licensing, Printing-publishing group, The editorial office of the journal operate attached to the department. Collecting and analyzing of scientific-technical and patent information on investigations that conducted in our institute.   

The compiling, passing from the  Expert Commission and publishing of the scientific works, journals, reviews, collections, patent-license materials, bibliography and books, internet express-information bulletins.  The organizing and holding of Baku International Mammadaliyev Conferences, Azerbaijan-Russian Symposiums and scientific seminars. The establishing of relationship with foreign organizations and well-known scientists. The formation of computer-data bank of industry products produced in petrochemical and oil-refining complexes of the world leading countries. The arrangement and the passing from state registration of normative documents of the products developed in institute.  The keeping of the Institute Scientific-technical library Fund and enriching with published scientific, popular-scientific journals, books of many countries in the world. The compiling and preparing to publication of the scientific, popular-scientific journals “Petrochemistry and oil-refining” and “The world of science” in institute. The binding and the publication of materials (books, monograph, journal, accounts, booklets, blanks, etc.)

Main scientific achievements  Compilation and edition of conference and symposium materials. Initial testing of products prepared at the Institute and preparation of normative documents (AZ Standard, Technical terms etc.), scientific editing of monographs and books. Collecting, analyzing, and translating new data from information sources, creation and improvement of scientific electronic base of the Institute.