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Institute of Botany


Address Badamdar shosse 40, Baku, AZ1004, Azerbaijan 
Phone (+994 12) 5024394
Fax (+994 12) 4970994
General director

Ibadullayeva Sayyara Jamshid gizi

Doctor of biological sciences, professor

Mob:(055) 823-15-71

Deputy directors

Gasımov Shakir Nabi oglu

Doctor of Science in Biology

Scientific secretary Khalilova Khuraman Djabbar gizi

PhD in Biology

Office phone: (+994 12) 5024480

Mob: (+994 50) 5523820

Fax: (+994 12) 4970994


Establishment history The Institute of Botany of ANAS is the multidirectional research center studying flora of Azerbaijan Republic. In 1936 it was established on the basis of the Azerbaijanian Sector of Transcaucasian branch of the USSR Academy of Sciences. The first director of the Institute was a well-known botanist, the famous researcher of flora of Caucasus, laureate of USSR State Prize, Academician A.A.Grossheim who played major role in the formation of the Institute. Later, Academician M.H.Abutalibov (1947-1950; 1962-1978), Academician H.A.Aliyev (1950-1952), Prof. Dr. Sh.O.Barkhalov (1952-1957), Academician V.J.Hajiyev (1988-2008), Corresponding member of the ANAS S.H.Musayev (2008-2010),V.M. Ali-zade (2010-2021) headed the Institute. Currently, S.J.İbadullayeva is the director of the Institute of Botany of ANAS (since 2021). Besides of them, well-known academician and professors V.Tutayug, V.Ulyanishev, I.Karyagin, G.Akhundov, L.Prilipko, R.Rzazade, İ.Safarov, J.Aliyev, R.Askerova, N.İsmayilov and others had a great contribution in the recognition of the Institute. During the period of activity of the Institute fundamental monographs, books, term dictionaries and thousands valuable publications such as 8 volumes of “Flora of Azerbaijan”, 7 volumes of “Flora of Caucasus”, “Lichen flora of Caucasus”, 4 volumes of “Mycoflora of Azerbaijan”, “Vegetation of higher mountain of the Greater Caucasus”, 2 volumes of “Forage crops of pastures and hayfields of Azerbaijan”, 3 volumes of “Trees and shrubs of Azerbaijan” “Plant and plant formations recommended for the Red and Green books of Azerbaijan”, “Alcoloid-rich plants of Azerbaijan”, “Photosynthesis activity, mineral nutrition and productivity of plants”, “Stronsium-90 and cesium on the soil-plant cover of Azerbaijan”, “Plant carboanhydrase”, “Photosynthesis and soybean yield”, “Mineral nutrition of plants”, 2 volumes of "Plant physiology" etc. were published. Over the past 20 years, about 50 books of the staff of the Institute of Botany of ANAS, including the "Red Book of Azerbaijan" were published.
Basic activity directions  Assessment of the current state and dynamics of plant biodiversity, identification, protection and rational utilization of resources, preparation of databases and interactive maps;

Clarification of the adaptive mechanisms of stress and organisms to the environment changes in the biochemical, cellular and organism level, increasing the productivity of plants of agricultural significance.

Main scientific achievements  The second edition of the "Red Book of Azerbaijan", which included rare and endangered plants and fungi of Azerbaijan, was published. Of 300 species included in the new list, 266 belong to higher plants, 20 to primary plants and 14 to fungi species.

For the first time, information on 171 endemic plants found in the flora of the Azerbaijani flora according to the category and criteria of the International Reduction of Conservation Union (IUCN) has been documented and detailed information, maps and pictures on 50 priority endemic species is presented in the published monographic work "Red List of Caucasian Endemic Plants" (2014) in USA.

For the first time, new 3 biological active substancesfrom the roots of species Pecedanum ruthenicum M.B. and Heracleum pastinacifolium (Apiaceae) - furocoumarin derivatives (psoroheracin, peyseruten and peycerutenin) were individually obtainedfor science and their structure formulas were determined by means of modern spectroscopic methods(Infrared, Proton Magnetic Resonance, Carbon-13 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, NMR Dept 135 and Dept 90).

The description of plant species of New Nonea cyanocalix Pop. ex V.Karimov and Nonea bakuensis Pop. ex V.Karimov was firstly given.

Tuberculina Tode ex Sacc. parasitic fungi species were investigated by transmission electron microscopy, and significant identification signs were found.

Localization of heavy materials in different parts of ecotypes of Artemisia fragransspecies growing in technogenic contaminated areas of Azerbaijanhas been defined as a specific tolerance strategy of plants.

The Institute staff have participated in several joint international projects supported by NATO, IUCN, CEPF, CRDF, INTAS, STCU, Volkswagen Stifftung etc.:

2004-2005 - "Identification and Characterization of Plant Species of Hyperaccumulators from the Flora of Azerbaijan";

2006-2008 – "Environmental protection: Monitoring and investigation of fungal diseases of some tree species of Azerbaijan";

2006-2009 – "Coordination and Development of Plant Red List Assessments for Caucasus Biodiversity Hotspot";

2006-2009 – "Novel Approach for Ecological Improvement of the Pipeline";

2007 – "Survey and Status Assessment of Potentially Threatened Pyrus sp. in the Caucasus";

2007-2008 – "Plant Conservation in the Caucasus Protected Areas – Identification of Important Plant Areas to meet the 2010 Target";

2009-2011 – "Molecular research of fungi in the association with ambrosia beetle (Coleoptera: Scolytidae), which destroys pine trees in Azerbaijan";

2010-2012 – "Development of Bioremediation Methods for the Soils of Absheron Polluted by Industrial Waste";

2011-2013 – "Developing Tools for Conservation the Plant Diversity of the Caucasus"

2011-2013 – “Development of methods of bioremediation for industrially polluted soils of Absheron”

2013-2015 - “Collection of wild plant species of Azerbaijan”

2014-2015 - "Increasing food security in the low-yield lands of the Aral –Caspian Sea basin"

2016-2017 - "Evaluation of the health status of chestnut trees (Castanea sativa Mill.) In Azerbaijan: chestnut cancer and fungi in association"

2016-2017 - "Study of powdery mildews distributed in tree plants in Azerbaijan and setting the status of controversial species"

2016-2018 - "Collection of seeds of wild plants of Azerbaijan"

Supported by the Science Development Fund under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan:

Conservation of Biodiversity: Evaluation of the status of rare and endangered plant and fungi species in Azerbaijan (Project Manager – acad. Valida Ali-zade);

"Biological Approaches for the Rehabilitation of Low-Yield Soils of Kura-Araz Lowland" (Project Manager- Dr. Tamilla Shirvani);

Organization of an international event on the "Environmental Change and Conservation of Plant Diversity" (Project Manager–Dr. Esmira Alirzayeva);

"Inclusion and application of herbarium specimens of Azerbaijan in European virtual herbarium database" (Project Manager - Aida Dadashova)

"Investigation of the composition of the population of “Cryphonectria parasitica (Murrill) M.E.Barr. and the effectiveness of hypovirulency that can be transmitted for biological resistance" (Project Manager - Dr. Dilzara Agayeva) 2015-2016

"Multidisciplinary studies and modeling of the Caspian Sea ecosystem" 2016-2018 (with the Institute of Geography of ANAS)

"Prediction of the Risk of Decrease and Loss of Endemic and Rare Plant Diversities in the Flora of Azerbaijan and" (Project Manager - acad. Valida Ali-zade) 2015-2017

"Preparation of the Technology of Obtainment of nutritional supplements of perspective medicinal plants with phytochemical, neurophysiological research and rich biological active substances" (Project Manager – Dr. Eldar Novruzov, with the Institute of Physiology) 2017-2018

The Institute has signed Memorandums and contracts with several scientific institutions:

Institute for Plant Nutrition, University of Hannover and Stuttgart Universities, the Philipps University of Marburg, Pharmaceutical Chemistry Institute (Germany);

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew (UK);

Natural History Museum, Vienna (Austria);

Fribourg Natural History Museum (Switzerland);

The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation,

Missouri Botanical Garden and Chicago Botanic Garden (USA);

International Center for Biosaline Agriculture (ICBA);

Komi Scientific Center of Ural Branch and Central Siberian Botanical Garden of the Siberian Branch of RAS

Sabanchi University (Turkey),

Institute of Botany of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine PPC (USA), IoB (Ukraine), International Research and Production Holding "Phytochemistry" (Kazakhstan), Hacettepe University (Turkey- Ankara)

6 monographs, 6 scientific proceedings &transactions, 28 books, 3 book chapters (by international publishers), a map, 750 articles (400 in local, 350 in foreign journals) have been published and 5 patents achieved by the staff of the Institute during last 5 years.

Total number of employees 188
Structural subdivisions Laboratory of Algology and Lichenobriology
Department of ethnobotany
Department of Mycology
Museum of Botany
Department of Herbarium
Department of Public Relations
Department of Systematics of Higher Plants
Department of Plant Resources
Department of Scientific Information and Innovation
Laboratory of phytosociology of ecosystems
Toxum bankı sektoru
Department of Taxonomy and Biodiversity
Department of Experimental Botany
Department of Education
Scientific Council:

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Ibadullayeva Sayyara Jamshid gizi

Gasımov Shakir Nabi oglu

Khalilova Khuraman Jabbar gizi

Aghayeva Dilzara Nadir gizi

Alverdiyeva Sevda Mukhtar gizi

Aleskerova Adila Novruz gizi

Asadova Kamala Kamal gizi

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Garakhani Parvana Khosrov gizi

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Mehdiyeva Naiba Pirverdi gizi

Mukhtarova Shakar Jalal gizi

Muradov Panah Zulfugar oglu

Mustafayeva Latafat Ahad gizi

Nabiyeva Fatmakhanim Khalid gizi

Novruzov Eldar Novruz oglu

Salimov Rashad Allahverdi oglu

Zeynalova Aydan Mirza gizi

Council of  Young Scientists and Specialists:

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Zeynalova Aydan Mirza gizi

Nigar Mursal gizi

Husuyev Emin Kazim oglu

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Isgandarova Elnara Aliyaddin gizi

Ismayilova Mirkhanim Mirjazan gizi

Mehdiyeva Aynur Sadi gizi

Mustafayeva Nihal Vafa gizi

Zeynalzade Nigar Chingiz gizi

Dissertation Council

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Ibadullayeva Sayyare Jamshid gizi

Mammadova Afet Dadash-Sharapli gizi

Huseynova Arzu Yusif gizi

Abbasov Mehraj Ali oglu

Gurbanov Magsud Rustam oglu

Eldarov Mahammad Eldar oglu

Akbarova-Ben-Tzvi Gunay Hafiz gizi

Alasgarova Adila Novruz gizi

Aliyeva Kamila Ali aga gizi

Aliyev Ramiz Tagi oglu

Askerov Aydin Musa oglu

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