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"Physiology of Cellular Metabolism" laboratory
Phone (+994 12) 4323387  
Fax (+994 12) 4326768 
Chief  Hajiyev Ahmad Mahammad oglu
Dr.Sc., professor 
Total number of employees 13
Basic activity directions   Studies of the  role of oxidative processes in organism exposed to non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation.  Participation of oxidant-antioxidant relations in adaptive reactions of organism during both different exogenic factors and physical loads.
Main scientific achievements  The conception of  realization non-ionized electromagnetic radiation effects on live organism by free radical mechanism has been developed. Applied results: In vitro experiments with use of low intensity 460 MHz electromagnetics radiation have revealed possibilities for cataract prophylaxis by means of influence on redox-status in lens. Adaptive changes of antioxidant defence system in skeletal muscles have been revealed under influence of chronic physical loads, and dependence of these changes from both muscle type and subcellular relations of antioxidants.