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"Neurophysiology" laboratory
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Zakir Huseyn oglu Mammadov  

Sc.D. in Biology, Professor

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Basic activity directions   The main direction of the fundamental scientific research of the laboratory is devoted to the analysis of the cellular and systemic mechanisms of the participation of neuromodulatory systems of the MA-ergic nature in plastic maintenance of the nervous processes.
Main scientific achievements 
  • The results of macro- and microelectrode studies indicate the presence of two independent mechanisms for the participation of MA-ergic neurotransmission in the plastic support of the nervous processes - synaptic and extra-synaptic (modulation of the Ca-dependent K-conductivity of an electrically excitable membrane). The principal feature of the dual nature of the MA-ergic regulation of nerve processes is the complementary interaction of synaptic and insertion effects at the level of one and that postsynaptic membrane;
  • The long-term effects of emotional stress in the early period of ontogenetic development causes inhibition of the activity of the MA-ergic systems of the brain and the subsequent decrease in the concentration of 5-HT and NA in the hypothalamus and hippocampus. The consequences of these effects are manifested in the formation of functional disorders of the emotional and cognitive activity of the brain;
  • It has been established that the effect of low-intensity EHF-modulated electromagnetic waves (41.7 MHs) of low intensity inhibits the activity of the 5-NT-ergic system of the brain and, as a result, leads to disruption of learning and memory processes;
  • On the model of experimental retinal dystrophy, it has been established that electrical stimulation of the hypothalamic and MA-ergic nuclei of the brain leads to pronounced neuroprotective effects, such as restoring the ERG parameters of the EP of the central structures of the visual analyzer. Full recovery of ERG parameters is observed only with the combined stimulation of the suprachiasmatic nucleus of the hypothalamus against the background of activation of 5-HT-ergic neurons of the midbrain.