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Laboratory of Nanostructures in Semiconductors
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Chief  Dr. in physics and mathematics Ajdarov Husnu-Jangi Khalil oglu  
Total number of employees
Basic activity directions   Growth and electronic properties of impurity-doped diamond-like semiconductors. 
Main scientific achievements  Special features of the electronic properties of impurity-doped Ge-Si alloy crystals due to composition and structure of different nanovolumes surrounding of the defect core have been observed.

The ground-state energy spectrum of wide range deep and shallow impurities in Ge-Si alloys has been experimentally determined.

Expressions for alloy and phonon scattering are derived for electrons and  holes in Ge-Si single crystal.

Innovative techniques have been developed to grow impurity-doped alloy crystal from the melt with desired composition and impurity distribution.

Under the extreme quantum limit conditions in a longitudinal magnetic field and when impurity scattering predominates a large negative magneto resistance in III-V semi- conducting compounds is observed and interpretated.

Two Ph.D theses have been carried out at the laboratory (directed to preparation and investigation of electronic properties of complexly-doped Ge-Si crystals) were published as monographs by the “Lambert Academic Publishing” house of Germany in 2013 year.